Sunday, January 4, 2015


   Your most important decisions have been made for you. Have a passion?  Dare to dream an idea??  First you must unbury it from a coupla hundred years of law and regulation.  "Ignorance is no excuse."...even though years of law school still makes for battle in the courtroom.  Law libraries whose volumes stack the walls from floor to ceiling. Fictional battles fought on what is between the lines. Years of preparation for a single case. And more laws to come.
      It is too late to unbridle yourself and run the plains. Fences strung to high and too often. You must stay with the herd, chomp at the bit, and wear blinders. You must quell the flames inside of you until the point of an internal combustion.
      You have become homogenized. Your spirit stymied to save the system. You are no good, for the common good.  "We"  will decide the virtue of your existence...the value of your ideas....the validity of your religion....the limits of your liberty...the time and place of your "free" speech. Yes, you ARE the 99%...and don't you forget it!!