Sunday, July 5, 2015

Easy Fixes

Perhaps the easiest way to fix a to pretend one doesn't exist.
 Now that I have seen and experienced the kind of human and social destruction that can flourish when an addict is in denial.....I understand that denial is the simplest way for them to escape the self-scrutiny that links humanity and humility. It is just so much easier to wallow in that conscience-free state of denial. And it is not out of ignorance. It is a chosen path in brotherhood with narcissism.   It is a convenient lie.
   Have you ever chosen this pathway?  Unfortunately, this weakness has been nourished in an eerily forming calamitous militarized police state here in the United States of America.
  Repeated lies become facts of fiction.  Lying to yourself allows the fantasy to prevail. The truth is not important anymore. Your pride...saving face...conscience...the weight of your sin, the embarrassment of your to feed your denial fantasy.  And then,....there is the virtue of your authorative position....and the fear of being an embrarrassment to the brotherhood. A badge and a gun do not automatically make you a hero, or a good man.
   Just deny the problem exists.  It's the easy fix.  Problem goes away.
Yesterday, I thought my roof was leaking in the upstairs bedroom.  Nope.
Wow!   This is easy!

Saturday, July 4, 2015