Friday, February 13, 2015

Grape Kool-Aid

    I don't even have to think about it any more.  I have tried them all. lemonade....tropical punch.   I have settled on grape.  I have even begun a campaign to produce Grape Kool-Aid cologne. Imagine the heads that will turn at the night clubs.   The bathroom attendant can toss the Cool Water.   I might even bathe in it if it wouldn't turn my skin purple.   Imagine the pleasured recognition as I pass people in the street.  Smiles....only smiles.    And then wonder and curiosity.  The familiarity vague but true.  " Doesn't that man smell know!! .._- Grape Kool-aid!?!?!!!".
     Yes.  It's true.   Grape Kool-Aid has an almost universal appeal.  It cures tooth-aches and head wounds.  Quenches thirsts.  A cold glass of it can make you warm inside. Gives you that big...bright....happy...ear to ear Kool-aid smile!  Buy a packet today!   Put a few powdered pinches in your pockets.  Sprinkle some on your dashboard.    Watch the world change around you.
       Grape Kool-Aid.  I'm not even kidding.  Grape Kool-Aid.  It's the answer!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Die! Dale Carnegie, Die!

    Eternal flame requires eternal fuel.  The lucid logic drawn from humility and experience and expressed in Dale Carnegie's work,  had been used as a tool for business leaders for the better part of  a century.  It's relevance seemingly immortal as the simple logic was cast in type and reprinted for worldwide consumption.
 Finally,  the flame of his work is being snuffed by a new understanding.  Simple binary code.
     The need for understanding of human relations is now irrelevant. Positive motivations wreckless and innefficient.  Productivity  more efficiently accomplished through fear...coercion....intimidation.  Faces and handshakes replaced by spreadsheets and typeface.  Global courtships only imagine the reality of human flesh. The masses  too large to discern an individual.
     Even early slave owners understood that it was more efficient to work a slave to death ,  than to try to keep him into his old age.
      The awesome efficiency of the numbers.  The quickest way from A to to cut through your humanity.  Dale Carnegie has been the ball and chain that has kept this age's  awesome efficiency from reaching it's full potential.  He must finally die...

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Unending Desire!

Hunger......when  occasionally satisfied...sets a mind to wander. It begins a fateful journey we must all take.   Creating new hungers, new thirsts,  that must be fed and quenched. For a mind's emptiness longs to be filled with something.....And though forever filled it yearns in an endless paradox of emptiness.
     And so it becomes that we must be fed from the human menu of insatiability. What we have been given ...or become a right, and not a desire.

    ......Desire.  ....the mind's own witless creation. A stream that must be swum across,  so that we may rest on one desirable rock...and another....and then another.....the climactic opposite shore sometimes coming into fair view,   and then fading away in the fog.   A fog so dense at times ....almost obscuring the next rock.   And then we leap...or swim...or wade through murky waters to each steadying rock.  And when the fog of the obscure unknown finally lifts,  we find that winter has overtaken the landscape....and our desires turn back to rocks already leaped upon.
     The bottomless pit and pain of hunger.  Of desire.  The soothing sweetness of satisfying it forever fleeting.  It is more our nature to be hungry,  than to wallow in sinful contentment.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Swing Low

     America's emerging economy had always depended on slave labor.  But one day, the inner voice that had been crying out could be muffled no longer. Cursed conscience...creator of sin...finally chiseled a path from subdued subconscious to surface in a Civil War. Sweet emancipation!  Freedom found !  250 years had passed in America's history before we finally weighed the economic benefits of robbing human souls against human dignity and freedom.
      Alas, how will the fuel behind our economic engine be replaced?  We will never again stoop to the hypocrisy we allowed in the name of our economic well-being. After all...this is America!  Land of the free!
      As we rose in economic power, we began to understand a simple fact. Money buys freedom. Maybe it is okay to trade our wealth in values for economic wealth. Instead of earning freedom, we'll just buy it.   Whatever the cost.
       Forever fighting that evil leech...creator of our sin...we have moved the slave labor to other lands. China...Mexico   ....whoever we can buy into slavery.   Propping up our economy while turning a blind eye to the sad reality that we STILL depend on slavery for freedom.
      And who is next?  Who will be the next poor souls used as slave labor to keep this "economy" alive? will be you...and me...and all of us who have slowly but surely succumbed to the oppression of taxation.  You are already captive in indentured servitude to "the system".  Insidiously changing your values of freedom through incrementalism and assimilation.   "We"....are the next slaves that will prop up this American economy......

Monday, February 2, 2015

Do Your Job

"   Hey,  I was just doin' my job...."
I have heard this phrase chimed time and time again .   It has become a rationale for some of the most horrendous inflictions of human injustices.
 Your "job" ...somehow linked to your value here on earth...has become "who you are" the perception of your own mind and in the mind's of others. Fireman= Hero.  Garbage man= Zero.   What is one of the first things a new acquaintance will ask upon meeting for the first time?    "So,  what do you do?"....
Whatever it is that you do...don't let prestige or power,  inadequacy or weakness allow you to become what you hate.  Whatever fantasies you have let comingle and intertwine with the label of your job,  should not define you.  Define what is right within the guidelines of your heart.  You are not your job, even though it provides you with a feeling of self-worth.  Think back to times you have done the wrong things ,  yet you were able to rationalize....only because you could say......"Hey, ...I was just doin' my job....."

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Row Your Boat

     Discover the invariable link between fantasy and reality. Within it is a moment of truth. As we fondly reflect on life's memories,  or haphazardly gaze into our future....we embark on a journey...of fantasy. When we bring these memories to our mind's forefront... the here and now,....that moment is true...and cannot be disputed.  Unfortunately, that moment has since past with the last stroke of this pen...
      We were given the freedom of a  simple row your boat towards the light,  or to  slump your  shoulders, give up, fall asleep and drift into darkness. The gentle streams lulling you as whitewater approaches.
       Merrilly!   Merrilly!!
" If you ain't makin' waves.....y'aint paddlin'! "   (modern American Socrates, T. Nugent)
       The voice of dissent is a necessary one.  You must contantly stick your paddle into the muck to keep from running aground,....feverishly stroke to avert tragedy, and every once in awhile,  wave your oars in the air so those traveling your straits can throw you  lines of inspiration.
     "Merrilly, merrilly.....Merrilly, merrilly!!  Remember that between your life' s memories, and it's fantasies of the future lies a moment in truth.  You are in that moment.....

Obama to Mitt Romney: " Will you marry me!?" ...

     Bypassing the legal wrangling of civil union, Barack Obama let his true feelings be known this weekend , and offered wedded bliss to his once political adversary Mitt Romney.
 Tearful Mitt , overcome with emotion, blindsided and floored by the proposal, stumbled for words ...but quickly accepted when promised the wedding would be at the White House on Inauguration Day 2013.  Ensuring a co-presidency in the spirit of Bill and Hillary Clinton,  Romney lauded the strategy,  and promised that he could accept the ideal of marriage without love.
Obama, ever the romantic, swore that he could learn to love Mitt,   and would like to begin a family with him by adopting Newt Gingrich.
Michelle Obama, at first jealous and enraged  upon hearing of the proposal, softened a bit when Hillary Clinton suggested a 3- way marriage with her and former co-president Bill Clinton .  Bill quipped "  Love without marriage just ain't right"......."marriage without love.....that's what it's all about , man ".  He promised Michelle and Hillary that they could take turns at the podium,  should their adventure catapult Hillary to the White House in 2016.