Monday, January 19, 2015

Who are they?

       Almost daily, I hear how they have messed things up.  How "they" aren't doing enough. How stupid "they " are.    How "they" have spent way too much money!  How "they" have regulated too much" . How "they" have regulated too little.  How "they" won't give us a home, a life, a chance, or universal healthcare.  How "they" have corrupted the system. How "they" only care about the money. How "they" lack the morals we all hold dear.  How "they" have no regard for the little guy and cater to the rich. How "they" gave us a ticket we didn't deserve.
       We have summarily relinquished ourselves from blame.  We have relieved our common conscience by creating a common evil entity for which to blame our sins.
       "They".... are us.   "They"... are a mirrors reflection....that through some strange cerebral ocular regeneration,   sees absolutely nothing. It can't be me.  It must be them.
      We are supposed to be running the show!   Why then,   are we not blaming the current state of affairs on ourselves?  Why have we created an unknown entity for which we can assign blame?
   We have lost our way. Values of liberty and freedom have been replaced by security and greed...not just on Wall Street,  but in each of our personal lives. Being the richest country in the world is not what makes us the greatest nation in the world. Our wealth will always be in the values of freedom and liberty that set off an explosion in our human soul. Our own little-big bang