Monday, January 26, 2015

Proving Grounds

 Your greatest act as an American citizen might not be what you think it is.   You vote. You pay your taxes.  You obey the law. You enlisted. You served. You fought.You don't complain.   You are a "good"  American.
   But your greatest act as an American might be one of civil disobedience. Proof....solid and true...that you would stand up to tyranny ,  and that those certain unalienable rights endowed by your Creator,  are fact..above the law. That many, many of your fellow citizens...jailed in the name of the law....perhaps should be free?  That a life may be ended against the laws of your Creator,  but within the laws of your American citizenry?
     So after you are done playing model citizen,  understand you have done the easy part.  Risk jailtime?  Maybe just a little?  I don't blame you for being scared. For returning to the safety and comfort of "model citizen" .   Don't give in to satanic impulses that might drive you over the edge.  Snuff the flame and quiet the burning embers with the blanket of your complacency.  Which is more American?  To ignore your God-given rights in the name of your American citizenry?  Or to invoke those rights in an act of civil disobedience....?