Monday, May 30, 2016

Hurricane Predictor: Ghost Crab Sees His Shadow!

The Ghost Crab of the Atlantic Coast,  has become an infallible predictor of hurricanes!  If he emerges from his tunnel on Memorial Day,  and sees his shadow....a hurricane WILL strike the Eastern Coast of the U.S.!  And he has seen his shadow this Memorial Day!

 Stock up on bottled water!  Purchase a generator,  and save the receipt!  Batteries!  Flashlights! Grill gas! Chainsaws! Weather radio! Ice!  Top off the tank in your car!  Fill extra tanks!  Buy a siphon!  Evacuate NOW,  before the mad traffic chaos on I-95! Get manual can opener and a shopping cart full of canned goods!  "Spam" is   food!  Study cannibalism!  Buy defense weapons for the potential marauders!  Shop Walmart again...cause AMAZON PRIME ain't gonna come through for ya this time! Get some beer for the hurricane party!

    Thanks,  Ghost Crab!   ...for the heads up!   Heading to the Walmart now before the shelves are emptied!  You are Summer's own little ground hog,  you devil-ya!