Friday, December 30, 2011

Someone Elses Bloody Hands

      Not a democracy, but a representative republic...we have handed our voices to those we hoped shared our ideals.  Neat and tidy little packages of human icon,  sent out to do our most  critical thinking for us, and provide a buffer for any blame that may fall on us. Need to kill a few Iraqi's to ensure the free flow of oil to our ravenous American economy?  How about a few thousand?   How about a coupla hundred thousand?  Your poorest neighbors with the proudest hearts couldn't afford a college education and joined the military. Their deaths are worth your financial well being?  Is the freedom you desire a freedom from guilt or direct responsibility?
        You ate a hamburger today, but when is the last time you slaughtered a cow?  Have you ever rung the neck of a chicken and plucked the plumage from it's hairy carcass.  Have you ever even thought of it while driving -thru at the KFC?  Ever hear the piercing screams of a squealing pig?  Do really know exactly what pieces and parts are in that steaming cylindrical stick you call a hot dog?  Your pre-packaged and far removed mentality just won't let you go there.  Just whose nuggets are in those chicken nuggets?  

Friday, December 16, 2011

Paying With Your Life

      The average value of human life is less than 20 dollars per hour. Sometimes a lot less. But you agreed, and then traded your freedom for a piece of the action.  Eyes downcast as you pass the bossman who feeds the greed. Willingly offering him your life and freedom at a price...for the illusion of a life of security. With will, skill, luck, and will buy your freedom back by the ripe young age of 62. Or 65. Or 70.  Or whatever age it takes to "save the system".  The plan for saving the system is to make sure you never collect!
       What price will we pay for the wars we never fought?  You will lay down your life!  Eyes downcast as you allow the government bossman to guarantee your life as he simultaneously takes it away.  The "greatest generation" will be completely gone in 12 years. They may have saved freedom for the world as each took a personal stake in their own freedom from evil and tyranny. And WE are their replacements!!
Far removed and virtually unscathed by the battles fought abroad...we have sacrificed our freedom at home to fight battles across the globe. We will pay with our tax dollar. We will pay with our indentured servitude to the government of the U.S.  We will pay with the subtle yet unrelenting oppression that will consume our children through overwhelming monetary debt. Our battle will be long and hard. Sacrificing freedom to ensure the illusion of freedom.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Look Up to Humble

      How many times have we attached pious deity to our our representatives, only to find them disappointingly human. The soundbites and make-up that made them a cut above. The illusions of knowing their hearts without having had one dinner conversation. Our lives and our dreams placed willingly into their hands. Astounded when they stoop to the ugliness of their own flawed humanity...
      It is time that we look up to humble.  Political arrogance has cost us our inheritance.  These political gods must be humanized.  They are no better than us, nor should they be. Traits of humility that allow us to discern, to weigh, to deduce and remedy...are the traits to be desired.   Nothing is more dangerous than the delusion of omnipotence...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Forge a Signature

     You were not there when your name was scripted.  But you will be blamed when the check bounces....forced to prove a kniving heathenous wretch has forged your name on your personal account. Who was this scheming psycho who dared to enter your personal space and abuse your good name?
      Was it ... uncle of yours that breached your trust when you allowed him to enter your house by the mere happenstance of his relation to you?   Was he born on the fourth of July and audaciously waved the banner of the American flag as he left your house on his birthday?  Did he wave goodbye with a wink and a nod as he scurried out the door with his hand over his vest?     Did he gesture love and a snickering as he forged your good name to his wrongful deed?
      Remember that you are related not by blood, but in this uncle who has taken to  the excesses of booze and has slowly gone senile. When he comes back again,  kick him out...and let your brothers know he's in the neighborhood....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Rock the Baby's Cradle

      Ahhhh!  Sweet, sweet complacency!   As blissful as ignorance, and as comfortable.  Like we never left the womb.  When it rains....we don't get wet.   Food is  provided daily . A constant and contentful 98.6 degrees. Whatever that noise is outside...we can drown out with the sound of our own heartbeats.
       But alas...we will be forced to leave.  Primal forces will ultimately win, and boot us out onto the sidewalk of life. Rythmic pulses in ever increasing intensity repelling  what has now become a foreign body.
     Rock the cradle.
        The voices we have chosen to soften are our own. The screams muffled by the deafening sound of nothing. In a dreamstate of blissfull complacency.   No real reason to stoke the flames within,  as long as we can continue to exist in the meandering state between sleep and reality.     " .....until the next revolution...."   -elrok-

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Your child: Inoculate and Indoctrinate

Welcome, dear sweet our world.  Now stay calm and have a seat...this won't hurt a bit!   Just close your eyes...and before you know it, the pain will be over. Our vaccines will ensure that evil influences from within never have a chance to show themselves and cause you great pain. We will help you build resistance  ...keep you from fever....and quell any uprising that may build within you.
      We'll start with a series of vaccinations ("eleven shots by two sure are you, Ma?")...intended to  fend off  diseases that might spread to the masses.   A real personal "hello" injected into your child by two.   Without any personal research  or doubt,.. let us pierce your child with a needle to thwart off subtle influences from within. And as a parent...filled with faithful allow it ... in a dunned conformity... naively lofting your child into a  false perception.  A timeless world of butterflies and bumblebees ...where life's biggest tragedy is a skinned knee. Illusions promised of dreams fantasied  in a world where decisions....even as they involve your child...will be made for you.
     Promises of an education!  Well why not??  You trusted them with needles injecting unknown microscopic substances into your greatest work of art. Certainly they can be trusted with your child's education.
    ' Trust,...educate your dear sweet child. There is really nothing left for you to worry about. We've got it from here....'

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Obama Kills Osama

     When I heard that Barak Obama was an actual contender in the race for the presidency,  it was the first thing that came to mind.  Are they (" they " being those unknown entities that cause all harm .....generated by our deepest paranoid  influences" ) , or is fate...concocting some strange set of events that would bring such a headline?  Some six years later, it has become true!  I am wondering if as time goes on,   history will reveal odd coincidences like those little freakish factoid findings that surrounded the deaths  of Kennedy and Lincoln.
     Was Obama elected because of his race?   Or was Obama elected because his name was eerily close to that of Osama?    Was part of America simply trying to prove their "Non"-prejudice by electing him?   Osama Binladen/Obama Biden?!   Points to ponder as fate keeps rolling the dice and eeks out a smirk every time he rolls snake eyes....