Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Wrong Guy, by chance?

Helplessly searching for solace ,  and acting on a whirlwind of emotion...we sometimes desperately seek out  "someone to blame".  Injustices. Tragedies. Murder...Death....Sickness...Accidents.  Quick to malign anyone within vengeance's reach,  to quiet the burning rage or deepening sadness. We are always looking for someone to condemn....
We all know that it is a murderer who is to blame for his unthinkable deed.   We can't find him.  But dammit!  SOMEONE must be held accountable!                                         The guy whose gun was stolen. The clerk at the Walmart. The nurse who didn't perform cpr. The ambulance driver who got there in 9 minutes instead of 6. The owner of the parking lot with inadequate lighting. The sleeping security guard. The manufacturer of the R.I P. bullet.  The 911 operator. The cops who can't find the guy. The system that let him out on parole.

You've got the Wrong Guy!

In these these seemingly unfair, unjust, painful circumstances...remember the bad guy!
There is a perpetrator....and it is not "everyone I can get my hands on"....
There are circumstances of Fate...Accident...and Life,  where there was no malice. Sometimes the only thing you are a victim of, Chance.

It's time to stop blaming the Wrong Guy.....

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