Sunday, January 4, 2015


      Dictated, overtaken, ruled, obliged, and puppeteered by perhaps the greatest motivator in all of us.  Fear, and the unknown.
       Fear.   It's face has never been seen...but it is ugly and monstrous. It is a snake in the grass, and the clap of thunder in the clouds. It is in new beginnings, and in old comfortable places we must leave. It's the first and last kiss.   Life is dictated by fear, even if it is lived in lustful contempt of it. For who would not concede to fear, fears fear itself. (THX FDR)
      Everyone fears.  And that fear dictates and guides us through a life of choices and unknowns. And like an alcoholic who is drawn to the relief of the stress of fear by consuming the drink which takes it away,  we are all drawn to the same subtle intangibles that fend this black hole that just may consume us. We must defend,   or if necessary...attack that ungodly fiend, lest it consume our illusions that are it's foe.   Happiness. Love. Hope.
     Fear becomes our friend, and our enemy. It consumes and immobilizes us....or it motivates us.   Introduce yourself  to this entity within. Begin to recognize your faceless dictator.

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