Sunday, January 4, 2015

Oppression Frees

       Power to the people will come from taking it away.  At the point of futility will come a climax. There will be action, or concession. You will be offered a final choice ....your soul freed to make it.
       It is "personality"  that proscribes what stays, or what goes... when passing through the sifter that is one's own mind.  Through common threads of association or repetition, what enters can be captured and kept. But what truly becomes the heart of the man...what permeates each softened cell and changes it's a matter of his formed ( or malformed) character and personality. Your vortex of action or concession is a very personal one. Perhaps your last choice of free-will has already been made..
      "You only have power over people as long as you don't take everything from them. But when you've robbed a man of everything, he's no longer in your power....he's free again." (Alexander Solzhenitsyn, In The First Circle 1968).


  1. I definitely need to chew on this one awhile. Great stuff, very deep thoughts. Do you by chance read & respond on the Logos discussion page at G+? I'd love to see that quote as a poll for the day there. Check it out some time if you aren't already there. :) I'd definitely enjoy your input on the questions we ponder each day.

  2. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, lived a life on both sides of the coin. I know I need to read more of his writings, as he had such understanding, life's hard experiences, yet was able to continue to think, to keep a freedom, value and respect for himself....

    Yet in my life it seems frustrating not to have the time to think, evaluate, and to enjoy freedom as one seems to be forever chasing after other hopes and dreams in a rat race...

    Yet I am surrounded by many things that are great in my free life and community...

    So much to be thankful for, yet see clouds on the horizon...

    Decisions and then to live by the consequences, fears, hopes or dreams, What turning points, What does rule us, can we turn to freedom ? ?.