Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Evil Love

Oh babe...
You know those things you shouldn't have said?
 Well I've said them..
And all I have said is true.
You begged me to keep the silence
but the silence was killing..
Murdering.. me and you
I was tired of running the circles
'round  the real problem
the problem a   FUCKED ..UP ..YOU!
Why won't anyone listen
all they keep hearing
are bells that keep ringing
 Hell's  got ahold of you!
Won't you please answer
the B-U-R-NING question
devouring the love
the love that was ours
that will hold us forever
in this fucked up journey
a journey that we wish could end?
But for now
we will feed the wild forces
that force us to feed
our love that's eternal,.. eternal and true
The fire !
The flame!
The heat and the passion
Drives me insane!
Why won't the evil in love
leave us alone
so that we can finally
 end this pain!?
Oh babe
The things that you should not say
Well, I've said them..
And truth is to blame
The fire the fire the fire the fire
that burns with our love
Is it our love that we must sustain?
But the fire the fire the fire the fire
devours our love
yet we feed it
just the same....
The fire the fire the fire the fire