Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Point of No Return

Many times I have thought about these guys. While sitting on the beach sippin' our margueritas, there's a REAL WAR  going on out there! Yet we butter up and bitch about the most trivial things ... licking a salty tequila-ed glass inebriated and unscathed.
What is it like to be a soldier and warrior?  Disciplined, focused, goal oriented and mission-minded? Trained to kill !   Eventually, though, returning to civilian life.
 Do you ever really return?
 I, for one, am going to hold out hope in a debt of gratitude, and pray for their return. At least for a little while, until I become the enemy. Then,  I'll probably butter-up like a bitch again, and prepare my best slimy civilian shitball  defense.   Don't wanna get my neck snapped, ya know!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Why Aren't You Sad?

 Naivety's interlude with crappy people can be painfully menacing.  Greedy,... lazy,... weaselly....selfish  and unrepentant ...they can sometimes showcase the darker side of humanity.

      My neighbor  waved her mail at me with a toothy wide smile that I had never seen on her before,  and walked toward me  in an elated stride. I wondered what merciful miracle might have been given the poor wretch,  as she rarely approached me without a frown and a cigarette,  and reeking of Mad Dog 20/20.  Today...though was different.  It was jubilee!  Her cheesy dentured smile  made me question my eyesight  "Maybe this is her 'un'-evil sister or something?":...I thought for a second.  But, no, was her alright. Waving a letter from her pile of bounced check notices and an ultra thick OPRAH magazine which she let fall to the ground.
  " My Aunt died!  My Aunt died!"...she exclaimed to me,  as she got close enough to show me her letter.  "  And this is the check from my inheritance!".     I stood a little bewildered and confused at her lack of regret for her Aunt's passing, and wondered if she had  counted the days ...farting into her tattered LazyBoy recliner with a bottle of ripple in hand,. ..waiting some strange , sweet anticipation ...eager for her poor Auntie's imminent death.

    Another of my neighbors down the street,  was casually  making his way down the road. One hand in his pocket with his chin facing the sun,  ...he was smiling happily,  and walking with a bounce in his knees ,...his face pleasurably absorbing the wonderfully warm Florida  sun.  I saw that he was wearing a cast on his arm.  "What happened!?!"  ,  I asked him ...concerned that maybe he burned his hand on a fryer,  or that the pit-bull next door finally got a piece of him.  His smile was radiant,  relaxed,  and beaming!  "I crushed my two fingers at work!"..  he told me.   "I'll probably never be able to use'em again!"...he explained,  with the smile now growing from slight smirk ...and becoming ear-to-ear.
     "Where was his pain?"   "Why did he seem so happy?" initial instincts wondered. And I began to understand that he was in "no-more-work-insurance-collection-possible-disability-and -liability-settlement"  ..mode.
There is a school for this,  which many of us have never attended. It was obvious that he was intent on getting his PhD.

    There was a side of me that understood his mindset. I realized that his injury had allowed him to become a 'walkin' man"!
 In his own mind,  he had just been freed from  prison and a certain life sentence. It is a sentence we are all serving for our illusion of freedom. The harder we work for a living ,  the more we begin to understand this basic American paradoxical truth  :
        ' In order to be free in this society,  we must become a slave to it!'

       And I recalled with guilty conscience the many times I had wished a hurricane on our small town,  just so I  could get a few free days off from  work.   Billions and billions of dollars in property damage,  homes filled with loving memories wiped away, the potential for innocent lives to be  lost....just so I could get an extra day off!  Selfish bastard.

I have come to understand,  but not condone, ...this strange sickness that seems to consume the heart of a man...and often festers within my own.  If the innocence in my naivety has been tempted,  it must leave long enough to take notice,  and then hope for a chance to return.


Monday, December 12, 2016

Personality Conflict

It's not your choice!    After a while,  the program has been written. Thoughts that enter the waiting room  that is the temporary holding place in your mind....
    Some are harmoniously Hoovered and instantly etched into engrams.   Others are quickly  rejected or  begrudgingly held.  Met with a hesitant reception.  Gathered and sojourned,.... then allowed to slip  away into oblivion.
   Foreigners!   Abstract to your patterns of thinking,  they could not find a home here.

What is important to you has been defined and determined by your developed personality.  Artist, math genius, or bank robber?   A playful mind filled with jokes to tell?   Or one of wit and wisdom?   A confident man will often disregard the peripherals and lodge pertinent information for instant retrieval! A caring one will gather these peripherals and assess their affect on others. The psychopath sees only his  world and remains within it. .  The empath starts from a world outside of himself.

It is "personality" which proscribes what stays, or what goes...when passing through the sifter that is one's own mind.  Through common threads of association, or repetition....what enters can be captured and kept..   But what truly becomes the heart of the man.....what permeates each softened cell and changes it's a matter of his formed (or malformed) character and personality.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hypocritical Oaf

There he stands.  Right in  front of you,  as a grey garbled wisp of muffled mush is released from his lips. the long-wasted patience of your relationship with him ,...he has lost credibility with you. Now...his words... however emphatic,  are a low noisy hum.  They mean absolutely nothing !

The hypocrite!  There he goes again!  Touting his morality...Spewing his "holier than thou "... diatribal crap!  Every sinner he paints with a scarlet letter...he paints on himself !   Yet there he sits, he sloshes his beer to his lips and full-body scans another lady half his age.

If she looks at him....she is HOT!  If she snubs him,  she is a SLUT!   He calls another one "fat" he squirms in his barstool and jostles his beer-belly over his belt buckle. What a hypocrite!   What an oaf!    An obvious truth in your relationship  that can't be denied!

Maybe everyone has their moment...when after a hundred or so  obnoxiously opinionated  statements,  they stumble across one that is blunderingly beautiful! Or maybe there is a genius to this hypocritical character,  that I have somehow missed.

But suddenly, I accidentally tuned in and recalled a friendship that in ages past,  seemingly warranted my learned attention...he started making SENSE!  I stopped myself to wonder... " Have I descended  to the level of my  neanderthal friend?!  "   The PURE and unadulterated LOGIC of his typecasts and condescensions!  What IS this that I am hearing from this 'hypocritical oaf' turned modern day Socrates!?
 He is the pot, calling the kettle black!  And I began to realize a simple truth:    Sometimes,  obnoxious idiots hold within them a capacity for clarity and simple reality...unencumbered by tact, ethics, ..or even hypocrisy!

     "Just because it is the 'pot'  calling the kettle black....does not mean the 'pot' is wrong! "   -elrok

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Master of Vague Analogies

Your mind's very own intimate  pathways, ..created and  combined ,..shaped and connected, resulting in a luminous mental concept.  Genius!  Drawn from  your own life's experiences and from the 'spin' of your unique personality. Attempting to link  your brain's personal synapses to your partner's  in this conversation, begin to draw from your own vague and faulty fusions.  Creating associations and pathways to that miserably inept place you have conjured prove your worthiness in this discussion.

Brilliance!   The flame and fire that erupted from these ignited thought processes.  It has resulted in a poignant chiseled link!  A salient truth so VIVID,   so CLEAR ...has just arrived at your mind's forefront and is sanctimoniously deposited at the end of your lips. You made your point!

You have become a MASTER!  ..of your own mind!  Able to create and nurture an association that will break through the phanteron of your brother!  An artful and eloquent picture painted exclusively for  your conversation!   You will present to him the cleverly  architectured result of your brilliant mind's very own thought processes.

Only to find that you have become a 'Master of the Vague Analogy'.

Your apples....his oranges.  Your comparison made in a desperate attempt meld your mind with his,  in this  conversation.  Striving to  somehow cross his blood-brain barrier with your beautiful creation!

 Your vague analogy may very well have fallen short of the mark, and now lies deep within a gray area...sadly sucking air in a mere  'realm of possibilities'.  As you smile with a simple pleasure at your genius, stop and reflect upon the real relevance of your creation.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Granny the Cane Pole Poacher

Here lies "Granny" the 'Cane Pole Poacher'
'cause an excited game warden thought he would approach her
with weapons drawn and a 30 ought six
Her death was her penalty
and his testosterone fix.

Poor Granny's small dream was just one little fish
but before her bent pole could fulfill her small wish
" The Man"  was upon her with his own little dream
of saving the planet!   "I'll start with this stream."

 As Granny bent over to reach her small bait
Our Planet's small hero did not hesitate
to bypass his taser and unleash his small pistol
and fill Granny with holes that in the wind might just whistle..

"Put down the gun! "...   our Superman said
and with a shrimp in her hands , 'ole Granny was dead.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Holding the High Card

" Love "trumps" hate" is true, and is kinda clever! However, you can be holding the high card and the guy across from you can still take out his pistol . In that scenario, the man holding pistol is holding the trump card.
Sometimes, love is not enough.
Yes, it may come as a sad hard reality...but not every culture on the planet has been exposed to the same indoctrinating influences as you have. There has been a repudiation and smug unwillingness to acknowledge the rest of the world's cultural, racial, religious and genetically evoluted differences , an attempt to homogenize the planet and humanity to a politically correct idealism.
Your attempts to homogenize humanity, will fail. Darkness exists, and light only reveals what was hidden in it. Love must prevail, but it can't be naive to evil's existence.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Easy Choices , (not by Robert Frost)

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
a  timid soul that could not take both
And so this soul shortly stood
And scarcely looked at one
that should..
It take me to places not understood.

So I took the one worn worse for wear
A sheep not needing to be tamed
The path  was cleared and trouble free
For many had trodden it before me
A life for which I could not be blamed

And though both roads might lead to home
The trodden leaves and wind at my back
Showed me light where darkness roamed
Though I walked in the shadows of sheep not black.

I shall be telling this.. with great sigh..
As I look back  with much repent
Two roads diverged in a wood,  and I--
I took the road most traveled by
And I have made no difference..

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pope's Latin Heritage "Trumps" Right to Life

Though difficult to doubt a man who has been propped up to pious deity, I often wonder about this guy . >> Would he vote for Hillary Clinton, and the sanctification of her role for making abortion a rite of passage for feminism? I'm afraid ...that the one steadying rock in the the trepid waters of our time has been deluged and overcome, and finds itself drowning in a sea of hypocrisy. The Catholic Church... and Pope Francis :

 “No tyranny can be sustained without exploiting our fears. This is clear,” Francis said at the event, speaking in Spanish. “All tyranny is terrorist. And when that terror, ignited in the peripheries with massacres, looting, oppression and injustice, explodes in the centers in the form of violence, including with hateful and cowardly intent, the citizens who still have some rights are tempted by the false security of walls, physical or social — walls that close some in and banish others.”

In the past, Francis has been a little more blunt with his thoughts:

“A person who only thinks about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,” Francis told reporters in February. 

It has become obvious that this Pope holds "TRUMP" in contemptful disdain. Does that mean he supports Hillary and abortion? Does being Spanish, Latin, Mexican or from Buenos Aires ( the Pope's birthplace) in heritage "trump" the Catholic Church's stance on "right to life"?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Feigned and Empty Promises....the Devil and Obama Use Same Strategy for the Prize of YOUR SOUL!

Sweet Home Alobama! You will pay dearly  for Obamacare,...  and get absolutely NOTHING!  They snuck another one in! Using their old trick of feigned and empty promises, and the political strategy of 'incrementalism'... your federal taxes will increase by $ 1000-3000 dollars  a year!  For tax year 2016, the penalty will rise to 2.5% of your total household adjusted gross income, or $695 per adult and $347.50 per child, to a maximum of $2,085. I feel sick already! ...More taxes and more laws equals less freedom....and more oppression! Even if you secure insurance, you probably will not be able to use it with the huge , consider it a tax, not health insurance.

 (...from Elrok's "The Dealer) :Battered and broken..."he" ....was ficticiously there to offer to offer them hope and relief. But only for his own cursed benefit. The weak. The hopeless. The despondent. The sad. He sought them. And like the right hand of Satan himself, he offered them absolutely nothing....yet made it seem glorious! Feigned and empty promises of peace . Of euphoria. Utopia. Not the devil himself, but the purveyor of his deeds....he offered them freedom. Freedom from the chaos inside. But they only found themselves prisoners ...( from " The Dealer")

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Apple's First Bite

(...from an apple's first bite) 
I think it is important to attempt to understand how the " Women's 'right to vote' "..
has shaped and changed America and the world.

 It may not come to the "War of All Wars" , as concluded  in the attached post,  ....but the gender gap that exists today is becoming more prevalent, and it  is bringing that scenario closer to REALITY! One day perhaps, there just may be a "WAR OF ALL WARS"..and it will be a war between the vs. woman,  balls vs. bosoms.
These are the social norms that have been allowed to proliferate since the women's right to vote :

>> A developing deterioration for the sanctity of life
>> The  attempted asexualization of humanity that is purveyed by today's culture.
>> The de-masculinization of the American male and  a growing attack on "masculinity"
>> The indoctrination of political correctness in our schools and our children.
>> The bastardization of the concept of God or religion.
>> Development of  a  'Hitler-esque'  media that propagandizes a society willing to be spoon fed information.
>> The attempted redistribution of wealth  and the acceptance of socialism in a formerly capitalist America.
>>  A repudiation and smug  unwillingness to acknowledge the rest of the world's cultural, racial, religious  and genetically evoluted differences , an attempt to homogenize the planet  and humanity to politically correct idealism. 
>>  A  willingness to tear away time tested mores and standards that have been developed over millenia.
>>  The succumbed acceptance of our disappearing freedom for a small taste of security.
Safety?  Security? Freedom stands in the way! 
 Life?  Liberty?  The persuit of happiness?  More  human souls have been killed in abortion in just the last year ,  than in all the wars America has fought in it's history. 1.25  million in the United States alone.  Women's rights advocates would have you believe that there have been 1.25 million instances of rape or incest last year,  in which case could only reveal the  shortcomings of the criminal justice system.   93% of all abortions are performed for social reasons,  (that is,  the child is unwanted or inconvenient ).

Slave and child  labor is still used by the U.S.,  but  has been contracted out. We  willingly allow the use of slave labor in China,..and Mexico,.. and India,..or anywhere else in the world , in order to absolve ourselves from Conscience...the Creator of SIN!

If  these hypocrisies remain in a country which touts such principled virtues...yet lives by codes of greed,  self-righteousness and demagoguery ,  than the country WILL DIE. These social changes have been a descension of humanity and have darkened the light of America and of the human soul.

Where will we go from here? 

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Nice Quiet Neigborhood

One of these days,  I am going to move in to a nice, quiet neighborhood. I thought that my current house was in one of them.  Most of the residents are over the age of 65,  and the house is situated  on the 4th fairway of an old golf course. A nicely shaded canopy of oak trees stand tall and strong around the house, and protect it from the sizzling hot Florida sun.  I remember giving the realtor my final bid on the home,  as a nice cool breeze came from across the golf course and helped to simmer the sunburn on my face. This is it!   Finally. A nice,.. quiet ..neighborhood.

Fantasy prevailed during the first few weeks in the home. The wailing air horn from the train tracks less than a block away...could not dent this dream.  "Cool!",  ...we thought,  and we began to chart the schedule of the airhorn blasts.  3pm.  7pm.  4am.  738am. 11pm. 930pm.  So what if there was no rhyme or reason.   It's a choo-choo train!

Birds are happy near a golf course.  I think maybe,  extra happy.  Once the hoot owl stops his early morning mating call, all the other songbirds begin to announce Mr. Sun's arrival!  Tweet tweet!  Fweeee....fweeeeeee ...fwe-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-T!  Fwee ...fweee....fwe-e-e-e-e-e-T.  Aha!  This one wants a honey.  I smiled and slowly brang the pillow over my head to muffle his  desperate calls for a mate. An hour later,  I am thinking .."Won't some beautiful female bird PLEASE answer this poor guy??!!   I'm sure he has more than feathers  to offer,  and will give you his love for a song.

Early morning joggers start making their healthful journey down our street right as the sun rises. If you listen real hard,  you can hear cadence in their pace as they make their way. "Chiffa chiffa chiffa chiffa"....  And then,  the dogs start barking.  First,  the neighbor's pomeranian a half-block away. And then... the big dogs who live right next door!  It's a neighborhood howl-fest at 630 am!  But its okay. The joggers have passed and the sun has risen. Things will quiet down now...

Dammit!!   F@#k!  F@$k!  F#$K!   Peece of F#$kin' S@#T!   You WHore!   God Blessit! quiet time yet.  Golfers appear on the golf course at the crack of dawn...and curse the spiritual forces that have made them swing so errantly.    " But maybe I will find a few extra golf balls in the tall grass of my back yard",  I think to myself.

Enter:  The Chainsaws!  Every Florida resident knows that yard work needs to be done before the sun gets too high. The golf-course trees that lightning struck last summer,  are now leaning ominously towards the homes here,  as hurricane season reaches it's peak. I can't really blame them for removing the threat of a huge oak tree falling on their house. They don't know it's my day off...

Every home on the block but mine, can afford a landscaper.  These guys are Pros!  Before 9am and in a  matter of 45 minutes,  they can mow, power-hedge, edge, and leaf-blow an entire property!. Why every house has a different landscape company,  I do not know.  That's just the way it works around here, I guess...

Tony,  45 year old male  biker and the youngest guy on the block....has already gone to Dunkin' Donuts, drank his coffee and read his newspaper. The 9am sun seems like the perfect time to wash his new Dodge Charger.  But not without a little AC/DC  and Black Sabbath to help distract from the pain of rubbing in  that hard shell coat of wax.    " Roarin' thunder...pourin' rain!   I'm comin' a-a-a-wn like a Hurr-i-CANE!   ".   Tony can sing, too!

Gertrude, blue-haired retired school teacher from down the street,  took the time last week to rent a power washer...and power-washed her entire driveway in a day!  It looks great! know where this is going.  Every neighbor in the hood has looked upon her driveway with a sinful envy all week long. Her grass may be greener...but they'll be damned if she's gonna have the shiniest driveway too!  It's power washer weekend this month.  The gas kind.  With inadequate mufflers..

So,  I roll out of bed and decide to join these neighbors...who at 65 years old have more 'early morning energy'  than I can give in an entire weekend. I make my way out to the mailbox to deposit some late credit card bills.  There is a note taped to the mailbox.  "Please!  Feed your CAT!!  I am tired of feeding it every day and it comes to my house EVERY DAY!  It is RUDE! "
I shake my head....and look around to see who might be peering from behind the curtains across the street. The typewritten note has no name or  signature, so I guess they wanted to remain anonymous. Now,  even without all of the bustling sounds of the mornings in my neighborhood, I will still hear an incessant bitching louder than Hell's Bells  in my head from the anonymous note.

.....The lawn-spraying bug guy pulls up next to me at the mailbox and begins to ask if I   " need some help with my patch of weeds".  I just uncan a small smile and tell him  "No, thank you."...  and slowly turn to make my way back to the house my... " nice,.. quiet.. neighborhood".

Bear story...


...... my (ex)-wife saw these bears from inside the house while I was working nearby outside. 
She screamed.. " Bears! Bears!"....and proceeded to slam the sliding glass door shut and lock it. 
I was still outside.
 Mama bear was running around wildly between my dogs and me, protecting her two cubs as a good mother would.  She  swatted at my dog, no doubt with claws extended... and his bravery left him and he wimpered away back towards the house. Then, it was just me and Mama bear in a 3 second facedown.

 I ran for my life! 
Faster than my legs could carry me, ...tripping and stumbling along the way,  I fearfully, ...frantically tried to make it back to the locked house!  Like a war veteran desperately avoiding artillery fire, I ran in a zig-zag pattern , and fell to the turf several times my mind was already safely in the house,... but my legs were still 40 yards from the door. If you  played this scene back in slow-motion,   it could have been used as war footage in "Saving Private Ryan".

When I finally  made it to the sliding-glass door and the (perceived) safety of the house, the door was locked, of course :(. 
 I risked a couple of extra seconds and took  time to look back,... as Mama bear was nudging and shimmy-ing her two cubs up a large oak tree to protect them. Then, she  went up the tree herself.
 "Let me in! Let me in! " I screamed.... as my (ex) wife peered from behind a curtain on the sliding glass door.

 "Is the bear gone!? " she asked.
 "Whuh-what!!?? !!  " "LET ME IN !!" , I pleaded.
 I rattled at the handle of the door and pounded on the glass. Finally, when she realized that the bears were not going to eat me...she let me in.

 She made me some hot coffee  (with the regular two teaspoons of Borax instead of sugar. (She told me would  calm me and help  "clean out" my system. ) Then she regretfully returned the 1 million dollar term life insurance policy with only one year left on it... to it's proper place. Most of our important stuff was kept in a filing cabinet,...but for some reason, this policy was always kept in the top drawer on her nightstand, next to a wad of "emergency" cash and a loaded glock 44.

The bears came down from the trees about 3-days later, scampered across the pasture and easily crushed and crossed a fence to freedom. I think they were drawn to the area because I had caught 7 or 8 large redfish that week, and had shallowly buried their filet-ed carcasses out back where I was working.
 That's my bear story... The end.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Beach Dogs Bring Shitload of Trouble

Dogs and Horses on Beach!!

                       Frolicking so happily in the giant sandbox!

  So joyous and carefree!
   ....romping around  in the ocean waves....!

                          Seems like such a gleeful and nature loving event!


  Just remember,  that this is FLORIDA!  ....and around this time of year, our climate has  pretty much made the transition from "sub-tropical"---  to full-on "TROPICAL".

   Along with your favorite dog or horse,  come other little nasty creatures...that tend to thrive in the warm, moist, tropical  August Heat.

The State of Florida becomes a gigantic petri- dish....with all sorts of bacteria, and lovebugs,  and Zika virus carrying skeeters, and magical mysterious microbial brain swelling amoeba. Blooming exotic collections of mutating microscopic creatures bubbling up from the swamplands,   gurgling in the retention pond bath waters, morphing  daily  , or even hourly, that your slowly evoluting human form  cannot defend against them.

Now, as for that dog or horse....even if you were "responsible"  enough to pick up after them,  there is a very special problem,  especially in August.

                                        Cutaneous Larva Migrans!!

      YEEEECHHH!!    Or,  once they enter the human skin....a condition called "Creeping Eruption".

Just lovely!!    Once you get it,  retrieving happy memories of you and your playful puppy prancing around on the beach...will become much more difficult!   You may even think angry evil thoughts about punishing  your cursed furred friend, and start planning a trip to the dog pound. Though it's not his fault,  once you feel the EVIL of this will understand this burgeoning frustrated contempt!

Creeping eruption is a skin infection  caused by hookworms. The infection is also called cutaneous larva migrans or sandworm disease. Creeping eruption causes severe itching, blisters, and a red growing, winding rash.  These gooey, larvally, wiggling, thriving creatures wander meanderingly between the cutaneous and subcutaneous layers ...causing an intense itch as they wriggle around aimlessly under your skin!

                           Hookworm eggs have hatched!

.... and the larvae have found your thin layers of skin a good temporary host!

Don't mouth kiss your dog!!
Don't  lick your dog or let'im lick YOU!
DO NOT ACCEPT those lovable "doggy mooches " all over your face and eyes!
REMEMBER!!!,  your dog sleeps 'in-THE BUFF'.!!,  don't let'im into your sheets.
De-worm you canine friend regularly!
And when you are out slave- scooping it's feces God love ya, ....catch the maggotty-mess before it lands in the sandy soil,  where these wormy creatures begin their life cycle....


                          When you visit your doctor....BE PREPARED!

   (especially if your fantastic ObamaCare  health plan makes you choose from a list of crappy  providers with teen-age doctors who are fresh out of med-school to save money!)

   Many of these inexperienced doctors will diagnose these creepy crawlers as a "fungal infection",   or athletes foot.  Be aggressive!    Know the difference yourself!   Once properly diagnosed,   the doc will undoubtedly attempt to prescribe a topical IVERMECTIN.   It won't work.  Unfortunately,  you will probably have to do a course of ORAL IVERMECTIN,...(or in effect,  swallow some bug killer.)  It will make you queasy and maybe nauseous,  and could damage your liver.

But if you experience this condition,  you will happilly swallow the prescribed poison you begin to realize that the only other option is a loaded 30 ought 6 resting squarely under your chin as tears roll down your cheeks and on to your trigger-finger!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Draw Your Sword

Thieves of  Justice...  Beasts of Oppression. ... Ghosts of  lost Freedom...  Dictators of Fear..

Well fed monsters grown and sustained by your complacency.

These are what you may find as the shadows of overpowering forces are slowly allowed to consume your light!  Confident and self-righteous in your ability to circumvent , your inaction a cowering... against reckless leaders with selfish motivations. Your lack of conviction a chosen idolatry to your own personal demagogues.

 Don't be afraid!

There are times when you must charge into the fight,  sword drawn!....and fully  acceptant of   the consequences!  Not fearfully dictated by them!  Recognize these  moments,  when you must summon your conscience...and make a stand for what is right!  Reflect on the the times  you have patted yourself on the back,  as you rationalize your idle and withdrawn behavior!  Did you mistake this as a virtuous  attribute,  in your ability to " adapt"?

There are times when you must charge into the fight,   sword drawn!   Be prepared!  You may emerge victorious!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Victim of Your Mind's Own Manifestations

Oh prolific conjecture!  Artistically  formed from your mind's  own  salient seed!  Inseminated brain cells .. broiling at conception. The birth of your own little fantasy!

How many times have I seen this!   Self-implanted phantasms with no basis in reality!  Fears and paranoias slowly shaping a fictional character with no roots  in rational thought! Self-preservation a must!     Slowly formed ideal allowed to manifest ,....  nurtured and grown by hear-say,  rumor and innuendo....only to  reveal itself one day as an abject fantasy!
              You have become a victim!   ... of your mind's own manifestations!

Beware of the conception.....gestation...then birth!... of your mind's own little fantasies!
Be sure to nurture them from time to time with doses of truth,.. buttressed fact , ..  and adventures into reality!

Do you profess to know your boss or your co-worker,... political candidates or your fantasies you have formed from small glimpses in  text, pictures, soundbites, and good reliable gossip?
 Demon or Saint,  how much can you really know someone without having had one dinner conversation?  There is someone you have known your whole life,   ...and you are still trying to figure THEM out!  That person is YOU!

Don't become a "victim of your mind's own manifestations",  or make anyone else one!
                Angels or Devils may appear ,..  an apparition of reality...