Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Holding the High Card

" Love "trumps" hate" is true, and is kinda clever! However, you can be holding the high card and the guy across from you can still take out his pistol . In that scenario, the man holding pistol is holding the trump card.
Sometimes, love is not enough.
Yes, it may come as a sad hard reality...but not every culture on the planet has been exposed to the same indoctrinating influences as you have. There has been a repudiation and smug unwillingness to acknowledge the rest of the world's cultural, racial, religious and genetically evoluted differences , an attempt to homogenize the planet and humanity to a politically correct idealism.
Your attempts to homogenize humanity, will fail. Darkness exists, and light only reveals what was hidden in it. Love must prevail, but it can't be naive to evil's existence.