Sunday, January 11, 2015

Free Cockroaches

     The digital age. Computers, cellphones, the internet, television, I-pads, androids, gps, live video cams.   Instant coverage in real time, available  to the  masses.  Shining a light on the cockroaches of the planet, whose dark age mentalities have been exposed. Rape, murder, the name of religion...for God or for Allah.
      We have shined a light on the cockroaches of the planet. In nations ruled by dictators, they were the most free. Free to take what was not offered from their own, through threats, coercion and intimidation. That is a manner akin to rape.  Free to use their own women for personal gratification. Free to contort religion for personal benefit. Free to indoctrinate their children to hate and evil. Free to brainwash and force lies and propaganda.  Free to arm and  kill in the name of God. Free to roam their countries in wild packs and murder eachother. Free to concoct evil plans against any person or entity that might encroach on their evil desires.
       But now the world knows. They are no longer able to keep their people in the dark. The world has come to them.
        The internet and the digital age has shined a light on the free cockroaches of the world.  Watch them scatter, as they look for new dark places to hide.