Sunday, January 4, 2015

The End of the World

     Not when...but where.  At the tip of your nose.  This is the place that it ends, for most of us.  God-given talents did not include telepathic empathy.  Never to enter the phanteron of your brothers.  Wallowing  in the swirling currents of your own mind.  Your fantasy projected onto a blank screen of human flesh.  Your vision a feeble guess.
     Your belief in the brotherhood of man is what allows you any faith or trust in anyone.   We all belong to the same spirit,  in which faith in it allows the sight of it. Without this faith,  you are forever in the darkness.  Alone.
       You need not search for faith.   You were born with it.   You live with it daily.  You embrace it with every breath of air.  Discovering it again will allow you elusive empathy.  Not breaking through the phanteron,  ....becoming it  through osmosis in .....recognition....of the faith with which you were born.   Embrace it,  so that you may live beyond....the end of the world.....