Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pseudo Superman

Clean energy!   Windmills !  Solar Panels!  Electric cars!  Long-lasting rechargeable batteries!
 Big league Wall Street investors  have already anticipated the trend....and have placed their bets!  Rechargeable batteries and the electric motor  will  REPLACE  the internal combustion engine.

Waiting in the wings....with coal-fired and fossil fueled power plants ...are the profit- eager electric companies.  Plugging in your Tesla, Prius, or Chevy Volt might just feel joyously  painless! .....until you get your electric bill!

That electricity is not free!  And,  though you have endowed yourself  with your own personal pair of angel wings....for saving the planet with your electric car,   ...your tiny carbon-footprint will simply be a VERY LARGE footprint,  produced by your friendly electric company.

With the average consumer spending about $2000 a year on gasoline, that money will simply be shifted from the gas the electric company. And the loss in transferable power from converting direct combustion to battery reserve...should take that average well beyond $6000  annually.  Considering the average monthly electric bill  is around $120,  estimates show that this will increase to $675!!  .  The average mortgage payment today is around $650 today, before taxes and insurance.

It's not free.  And it's not clean!  Combustion and greenhouse gases will be produced at record levels,  and crushing demand for electric  power will prompt lesser liability , oversight , and regulation of radiation filled nuclear power plants.

But it's okay.  Just keep smiling that smug  oblivious contentful grin as your clean-green electrical mind meanders while you plug-in that Prius!   Though you have not donned a pair of tights and a HAVE helped save the planet!   Or have you?  Before you leap off a building  and enter into cosmic sure to bring a parachute,  you little superman ya!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Fabricated Reality

Well,  we have finally done it.  Finally left that horrid, treacherous place full of crappy people,...pain and anguish , and those messy germ-filled  handshakes.  Sickening sneezes,  body odors, bad breath, full body scans.....GONE!   Sinister smirks, shit-eating grins, disgusted eye-rolls, sexual tension?  . Uneasy silence, polar politics, cold realities?  Conversations?

Crows feet and sagging frown wrinkles forming on our once taut faces can be fixed in a second!...with the help of an old photograph or one that is  shot with a fuzzy lens.  We are sitting on forty  new asspounds that no-one out there ever even  knew about. Concrete and steel ....they are so, so cold.  Real people are too.
 No no.  No more. We have left that curs-ed place!   That place called.... 'reality'.

Let's make something better!  Easier!  A  reality of our own making!   Beginning  a paradoxical a life that is worth living!  A warm and fuzzy place where reality only appears with a quick dash to the restroom.  We have created a much better place to live out the remainder of our lives.  Locked inside our homes and locked inside of our own minds.  This wonderous new home of ours called.....'fabricated reality'.

Which is real?  Both?  Neither?  Have you locked yourself inside your prison  cell escape?  Are all of your human  realities formed from simple typeface and photographs?  Do you really need anything out there anyway?

Content to live this life of contradiction. Happy to  make a home here "fabricated reality". 

Saturday, October 7, 2017



He charged into the crowd
      Screaming!   Pushing!   Shouting!

But the crowd did not heed him and his ravenous ways were frowned upon
and ignored.
And  in his persistence he made it to
the steps in the middle of the crowd.
He screamed in a ton of voice "Hear me!!"

     The crowd stopped and turned
and all was silent, as thoughts
focused on the man.

And he had nothing to say.

Beneath My Stone

Look who lies beneath my stone
That morbid ground set aside for me..
The tele-vons and trums and lives unknown,
who feel the weight of my stone..

What can I say or do that
I haven't done before. How can
I help these people in the hollows
of my floor? How can I look
and see.. who lies beneath my stone...

Chip, chip and chisel, grind my stone
And it is gone
yet I find that I  have covered them
with pebbles and stonedust
...and still they fight the fragments of my stone.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What a Winker!

You gotta be careful.
If you can't be careful,..then just don't do one.
(A wink.)
 Here are some famous winkers, with their winks explained...

There's the :   'I'ma  dumbass,  but I am a President!'  wink..

Slightly overconfident and very insecure all at the same time.    Remember that scene from the movie "Talladega Nights"....when Ricky Bobby was being photographed but  didn't know what to do with his hands?  The same sequences of brain synapses were firing whenever we were Bush-winked. Sometimes you just wink when you don't know what else to do.

The Texan/cowboy macho wink:

Then,  there's the "I got this in the BAG!  ;) "    wink...

Overconfident and delusional.., closing in on crazy farm.

And then,  there is the...." I'm a liar.  You know it.  I know it!  And there ain't a goddam thing anybody can do about it,  so eff  y'all"  wink...

Also,  there is the  "I'm effing sexy and I know it,  ..and I want YOU to know it...but if I open my mouth and attempt to utter anything that makes might blow my image.  So ...I'll just wink"   wink:

The "I'm just a goof"  wink:

The "cat"  wink:

The Crystal Meth wink:

The "I'ma  Ho" wink:

The  "I'm an aspiring 'Ho" wink:

The "Hoodwink"  ;)

The "  He Broke Me!! "   wink  :

The  "Workin' the System!"  wink:

The  "Fill in the gaps in my utter dim wit with a wink"    wink:

The " Politics made me RICH!",  suckers!"   wink:

The "in Church but gotta pee"  wink:

The 'brain freeze' wink:

The toothache wink :

The.."I am truly happy with my new gay lover ." .... wink:

The "  Vladmir  personal net worth: 200 Billion,   ..Bill Gates net worth:  a measily-skweasily 80 billion :) "   wink:

The " Check  out my dating profile darlin' "  wink:

The "somebody just tooted" wink:

The "I've had a bit too much to drink"  wink:

Got a winker in your world?  The only way to throw him off his game,  is to wink right back!  A reflective silent gesture might make for a little introspectiveness!  Maybe next time,  he will 're-think' the wink! 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Creating Pathways : Lucrocrates

In a phrase adapted from the Book of Ecclesiastes, the author complains frequently in the book about the monotony of life. The entire passage reads, “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” 

My dear father often quipped a variation of this cliched old adage.  It's a simple truth...but how was I to know?  It is impossible to be born with wisdom.  And I think impossible as well to acquire it through clever quotations no matter how simple or obvious. Whatever your mind's limits,  you must endure the test of time.

I read somewhere,  that the "oxymoron"...when understood...can create new pathways in the brain. Juxtaposing and criss-crossing the patterns etched by emotion  ,time,    or recurrent themes.   Creating connections that might never otherwise exist,  or might otherwise be obscured....  forever buried under calloused layers of gray  matter..

"There is nothing new under the sun"  ..This saying seems to  hold more and more obvious  truth as time goes on!  Especially,  when I query something unknown  to me on this blessit internet....and find hundreds of results to fill the void.

With a self-mocking and self-effacing attempt to confront those meandering but individual creations of thought regarded as mine alone,   I began to realize that they were nothing new.  Perhaps borrowed.  Probably stolen!  And so,  in sarcastic honor to these Socratic philosophies....I have given these notes an author :  Lucrocrates

Here are some oxymoronic type quotes by Lucrocrates,   that I doubt are my own:

"You said it without saying it!"

"Don't give up before you begin!"

"The surest way to keep from being approached, is to become unapproachable"

"The reason most people don't say  "I'm sorry" because they are not!"

"The best way to keep a customer from complaining:  Don't give them anything to complain about!"

"If a woman lies for no reason.....there's a reason!"
(stolen from " if a man gives a woman flowers for no reason...there's a reason!")

" Sometimes it is important to take note of the things that have become too familiar to be recognized."

"Repeated lies become facts of fiction.."

"  In futility or retribution...don't become what you hate! "

" My inferiority complex is what makes me superior to everyone else!  "

" In order to be free in this must become a slave to it!"

"  I don't know...and I'm not afraid to admit it!"

"The surest way to get rid of a to pretend one doesn't exist!"

" Just because it is the 'pot calling the kettle black'...doesn't mean the pot is wrong!  "

" It all seemed so clear until I got all the facts..."
   (Donald Trump on Ted Cruz:  "I liked him (Ted Cruz) before I got to know him..."

" God's gift in old age is my failing eyesight. Every time I see myself in  the mirror.... I get better looking!"

"Knowledge is power....especially when no-one else has it!  "

Thanks Lucrocrates.....for your witless wisdom!  ;)