Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Dealer

Battered and broken..."he" ....was ficticiously there  to offer them hope and relief.  But only for his own cursed benefit.  The weak.  The hopeless.  The despondent. The sad. He sought them. And like the right hand of Satan himself,  he offered them absolutely nothing....yet made it seem glorious.  Feigned and empty promises of peace .  Of euphoria.  Not the devil himself, but the purveyor of his deeds....he offered them freedom.  Freedom from the chaos inside. But they only found themselves prisoners in a vicious cycle of addiction....chained to substances that would not allow them to choose a return to that wonderful chaos....a time when they were unchained and endowed free will.   Free will now usurped by addiction.
      The dealer.  He is not the guy on the street....but one inside your own head.  Recognize him when he comes 'round with his bag of goodies. Your freedom is an undiscussed part of the sale.