Monday, August 22, 2016

Beach Dogs Bring Shitload of Trouble

Dogs and Horses on Beach!!

                       Frolicking so happily in the giant sandbox!

  So joyous and carefree!
   ....romping around  in the ocean waves....!

                          Seems like such a gleeful and nature loving event!


  Just remember,  that this is FLORIDA!  ....and around this time of year, our climate has  pretty much made the transition from "sub-tropical"---  to full-on "TROPICAL".

   Along with your favorite dog or horse,  come other little nasty creatures...that tend to thrive in the warm, moist, tropical  August Heat.

The State of Florida becomes a gigantic petri- dish....with all sorts of bacteria, and lovebugs,  and Zika virus carrying skeeters, and magical mysterious microbial brain swelling amoeba. Blooming exotic collections of mutating microscopic creatures bubbling up from the swamplands,   gurgling in the retention pond bath waters, morphing  daily  , or even hourly, that your slowly evoluting human form  cannot defend against them.

Now, as for that dog or horse....even if you were "responsible"  enough to pick up after them,  there is a very special problem,  especially in August.

                                        Cutaneous Larva Migrans!!

      YEEEECHHH!!    Or,  once they enter the human skin....a condition called "Creeping Eruption".

Just lovely!!    Once you get it,  retrieving happy memories of you and your playful puppy prancing around on the beach...will become much more difficult!   You may even think angry evil thoughts about punishing  your cursed furred friend, and start planning a trip to the dog pound. Though it's not his fault,  once you feel the EVIL of this will understand this burgeoning frustrated contempt!

Creeping eruption is a skin infection  caused by hookworms. The infection is also called cutaneous larva migrans or sandworm disease. Creeping eruption causes severe itching, blisters, and a red growing, winding rash.  These gooey, larvally, wiggling, thriving creatures wander meanderingly between the cutaneous and subcutaneous layers ...causing an intense itch as they wriggle around aimlessly under your skin!

                           Hookworm eggs have hatched!

.... and the larvae have found your thin layers of skin a good temporary host!

Don't mouth kiss your dog!!
Don't  lick your dog or let'im lick YOU!
DO NOT ACCEPT those lovable "doggy mooches " all over your face and eyes!
REMEMBER!!!,  your dog sleeps 'in-THE BUFF'.!!,  don't let'im into your sheets.
De-worm you canine friend regularly!
And when you are out slave- scooping it's feces God love ya, ....catch the maggotty-mess before it lands in the sandy soil,  where these wormy creatures begin their life cycle....


                          When you visit your doctor....BE PREPARED!

   (especially if your fantastic ObamaCare  health plan makes you choose from a list of crappy  providers with teen-age doctors who are fresh out of med-school to save money!)

   Many of these inexperienced doctors will diagnose these creepy crawlers as a "fungal infection",   or athletes foot.  Be aggressive!    Know the difference yourself!   Once properly diagnosed,   the doc will undoubtedly attempt to prescribe a topical IVERMECTIN.   It won't work.  Unfortunately,  you will probably have to do a course of ORAL IVERMECTIN,...(or in effect,  swallow some bug killer.)  It will make you queasy and maybe nauseous,  and could damage your liver.

But if you experience this condition,  you will happilly swallow the prescribed poison you begin to realize that the only other option is a loaded 30 ought 6 resting squarely under your chin as tears roll down your cheeks and on to your trigger-finger!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Draw Your Sword

Thieves of  Justice...  Beasts of Oppression. ... Ghosts of  lost Freedom...  Dictators of Fear..

Well fed monsters grown and sustained by your complacency.

These are what you may find as the shadows of overpowering forces are slowly allowed to consume your light!  Confident and self-righteous in your ability to circumvent , your inaction a cowering... against reckless leaders with selfish motivations. Your lack of conviction a chosen idolatry to your own personal demagogues.

 Don't be afraid!

There are times when you must charge into the fight,  sword drawn!....and fully  acceptant of   the consequences!  Not fearfully dictated by them!  Recognize these  moments,  when you must summon your conscience...and make a stand for what is right!  Reflect on the the times  you have patted yourself on the back,  as you rationalize your idle and withdrawn behavior!  Did you mistake this as a virtuous  attribute,  in your ability to " adapt"?

There are times when you must charge into the fight,   sword drawn!   Be prepared!  You may emerge victorious!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Victim of Your Mind's Own Manifestations

Oh prolific conjecture!  Artistically  formed from your mind's  own  salient seed!  Inseminated brain cells .. broiling at conception. The birth of your own little fantasy!

How many times have I seen this!   Self-implanted phantasms with no basis in reality!  Fears and paranoias slowly shaping a fictional character with no roots  in rational thought! Self-preservation a must!     Slowly formed ideal allowed to manifest ,....  nurtured and grown by hear-say,  rumor and innuendo....only to  reveal itself one day as an abject fantasy!
              You have become a victim!   ... of your mind's own manifestations!

Beware of the conception.....gestation...then birth!... of your mind's own little fantasies!
Be sure to nurture them from time to time with doses of truth,.. buttressed fact , ..  and adventures into reality!

Do you profess to know your boss or your co-worker,... political candidates or your fantasies you have formed from small glimpses in  text, pictures, soundbites, and good reliable gossip?
 Demon or Saint,  how much can you really know someone without having had one dinner conversation?  There is someone you have known your whole life,   ...and you are still trying to figure THEM out!  That person is YOU!

Don't become a "victim of your mind's own manifestations",  or make anyone else one!
                Angels or Devils may appear ,..  an apparition of reality...