Thursday, January 22, 2015

Put Up Your Dukes

 Shocking insolence.  Degrading insults. Boisterous belligerence. Insulting innuendo. Exploited fear.  Defamatory tones. Dishonored beliefs. Threats to your way of life. Duty, Honor, Country.
      Your culture.  Who you are. What you believe. Your family.Your marriage. Your friends. The innocence of your children. Your future.  Validation of your past. Defense of your race. Disgraced religion. Oppression. Repressed power.  Life, Liberty, Happiness.  Brotherhood of man. Demasculization. Scorn and jealousy.  Virtuous vanity. Temporary insanity. Anger and rage. Greed. Lust . Hate.  Cohesiveness. Order. Society. Civilization. Love. ......Disease.
     Dammit man! Put up your dukes....and fight!  Raw and instinctive emotion jolting you into action. Unknown justifications with known virtue. Ending in battle wounds ...pain ....or ultimate death .  Hopeful of victory.   Sanctified causes blinding the mere notion of defeat...
      " You never really know what you are fighting for...until you lose...".  Ernest Hemingway