Saturday, February 22, 2014

Live Forever!!

      Perhaps the greatest tool in the hands of social constructionists is their manipulation of your fear.  Most people fear the unknown.     What is the ultimate unknown , and so the ultimate fear?   Death.
       But have no fear. You can live forever!!    It isn't free.   You must die a little on the inside,  and accept the imprisonment of your you sell it to keep your body alive. What will you take from others....What will you sacrifice within yourself keep your body alive as your soul slowly withers?
     " It is better to die the death of a hero than to live the life of a coward"....---Charles Woods,  father of Tyrone Woods,  Navy SEAL killed in Libya terrorist a letter to President Obama.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hope's Clutches

     We are not bad people. We are not lazy and unthinking. We care. We like to live and love. We like to help.  We like to dream.  Immobilized by some undiscovered flaw in the grand experiment that is our Constitution....our ability to dream has become stifled and our persuit of happiness caught up in a convoluted quagmire .  So we hold on to hope. The situation seems out of our control, and without hope, it seems the only alternative is hopelessness. In truth , we have chosen the potential chaos and insecurity that comes with a soul set free.  Maybe..just maybe...if I curl up in a little ball and hope enough...and pray enough, I'll never have to leave my comfort zone to effect change.  Beware  the shackling nature of hope. It may trap you in a dreamstate of complacency.
      It's time to let go of these things that hold you. It's time to leave the things that keep you here. Help yourself end...the struggle that gets you nowhere.  This security of hope, will end in despair!  Daylight comes , and you close your eyes...and dream of night forthcoming. And when night dream again!   Precious hope is just a dream that gives you immortality..This hope that only muffles screams....screams that are reality.   Feel your fingers slipping from the clutches of HOPE.  What happens when you lose it?
        Time passes while you wonder. Time stands still while you wait.  It's time to let go of the things that keep you'leave the security of hope....

The Climax

      You will be offered a final choice....your soul freed to make it.  You will choose action, or concession.   Have you conceded to the oppression?   There are many who have already.  Still as many who have not.  But so many have willfully traded the ideal of freedom, before ever having tasted it.  Pass them  the gruel and the clouded water scooped from the swales..outside their own prison walls. For them,  a belly full replaces a soul empty. Keep me half alive until my dying day.  I want to learn to savor the taste of gruel and deny the stench of  the clouded water that sustains me.  Imprison me, if you must......but keep me alive!   Freedom is not what I desire,   and I fear it.   Keep me from the fear...the fire..the combustibility...the chaos...  . Feed them the soylent green of my soul and beg them to sustain  my bag of bones.  Passion's blood coursing might rupture my veins .  Quiet my sinful soul, and slow the heart that feeds it.  It is not freedom I desire,  except freedom from it's curse!  Let me walk among the living dead . Take my soul but sustain my body.  Extinguish the flames within me and let me walk amongst the sheep.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

What I Win??

                                               [click on the link above]
With each new law comes a new resriction on your liberty. The carnies are leading this three-ring circus ....local...state...and federal governments!
       The prize is your freedom.    Will you settle for a box of chicklets!?

Saturday, February 8, 2014


     Organizing the chaos.  That is the burden wrought by establishing governments. Attempting to reign in processes of thought as whimsically as grasping hot air.  Arrogantly designing a system of dams and levies in a desire to direct the insanity which is the ebb and flow of the human mind and the human condition. When the dams fail, ...and the levies break,.....what will be left in the aftermath?
     The cursed chaos will resume, and it's insanity will cause no less harm than the governments attempts to organize it.  No doubt, when the floodwaters break....fear will have you feverishly filling sandbags to stop them.   But they have been held back for too long.
    When the water settles, ......who will be left in the aftermath?   Those who were left holding empty bags for sand, ...or those that took to higher ground?......

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pre-Occupied: Occupy Wall Street?

  I am the 99 percent. I have been sold the American dream that has become a mirage.  My life has been pirated , and it's booty re-distributed. I work for unknown reasons to fund unkown causes in unknown lands. I pay with my working life in indentured servitude to "the system".  I am a slave.  I cannot choose true freedom, lest I be jailed, ostracized , or portrayed a leech. I pay for my illusion of freedom with my working life.
      I don't have time to "occupy" Wall Street, Main Street, or any street because I am hard at work paying income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, required insurance taxes, and hoards of hidden taxes including , social security taxes, medicare taxes, electricity taxes,   gas taxes, utility taxes  resort taxes, convenience taxes, FCC land and cell phone surcharge taxes,   finely printed obscured   taxes that are re-labeled as "fees".   If I want to access "the system", I must pay with my life.    In order to be free, ....I must be a slave to this society.
      I am "pre-occupied".... and cannot make it to Wall Street. I am the 99%  who bought into the dream only to be sold down the river.   A subtle oppression.
   "...until the next revolution"   -elrok-

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Choosing Sides

You will sometimes be told this cliche'd phrase by the "enlightened".....who would like to help you open your mind.....and understand that there are "two sides to every story"....( or argument. ).    Thank you,  you shining beacon of truth!   There was only darkened and dunned prejudice before you made me see the light.  Your incandescence has set aglow the darkened corridors of my mind, where once only shadowy beasts were able to hide amongst the cobwebs .....hiding golden nuggets of truths I have never seen before!  Thank you,  enlightened souls,   whoever you might be.....for your innate omniscient knowledge of my unknown perspectives!  With wings.....I will soar......with eagles eyes on all beneath me that was once obscured!  (Perspective pries your once weighty eyes and!.). (INCUBUS, " Nice to Know You")

Beware!  Of this cursed enlightenment!  Many times ....these well informed and self-proclaimed open-minded individuals,   have heard two sides....FROM THE SAME PERSON! (or source) .   Is that really hearing two sides?
Herein lies one of the greatest examples of why you must be a free-thinker.  Examine your sources,  and your own bias and prejudice. Discover the wealth of information and truth that can only be found in the blank spaces...between the lines. Be skeptical of your own tendencies toward propaganda and indoctrination.   Trusted friends who see both sides,  may have only one source for their knowledge.   Perhaps a biased source....
Think of the times when you have accepted that there are "two sides to every argument",   and have gathered your knowledge from only one ...biased...source. Though you feel an may be wallowing in spoon-fed ignorance.