Sunday, January 24, 2016

Elrok movie review : "The Revenant"

America's wild frontier!? The fur trade fueling a westward exploration?.....A sad bittered story of   love and loss? ...Prelude to an epitaph of those curs-ed savage American Indians?  Death !? Perseverance!?  Survival!!??

Perhaps "yes",   but the heart of this movie...the black heart...was about Vengeance, Sweet Vengeance!

Having grown up with the Disney-fied version of  Davie Crockett as the "man's man"  and  "King of the Wild Frontier",  ...somehow gave me a different impression of the fur-trapping mountain men. Aren't you s'poseta be able to "grin a ba'ar down"??   Talk it out with the Indian Chief?  Doesn't every show end with justice?

Sweet , sweet Vengeance!  How unsatisfying to see this pursuit in other movies,  and have it end without your desire for that lustful  revenge fulfilled . Your need for payback left wanting with a few solid punches or karate kicks, .....a simple single gunshot to the head,... or a quick twist of the neck.  And perhaps a few angered and  poignant last words?  Child's play!

Make the bastardly villain feel  Satan's sharpened tines  poking him ,  ..tormenting jabs coaxing him unwillingly,.... painfully prodding him through the flaming  Gates of Hell!   His last living thoughts filled with chaotic fearful hatred, contempt and jealousy! His sweet taste of  Vengeance unsatisfied as you delectably sup from the feast you have stolen from him...and made YOURS!!!

Leonardo DiCaprio nails it,  and once again captivates us with a brilliant embrace of his role. Somehow,   Davie Crockett has become a fluffy and furry sweet little kissable stuffed animal. Mountain men born on the mountain tops of Tennessee,  were probably missing most of their teeth. Grinning a bear down with a full set of choppers ain't enough to send the angry beast  running, Disney Davie!    A crusty yellow decaying half-set..... with six months of rotting  'coon meat stuck in the crevices.... MIGHT turn them away.  Or maybe the pus-oozing attraction could send them into a trance-like focus, and give you time to escape!

Beautiful cinematic scenery and a dose of suspenseful reality,  was plenty to keep you intimately involved with this movie through 156 minutes!  See it.  Bring your winter coat and a thermos of hot coffee,   .....and a lust for Vengeance, Sweet Vengeance!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rule of "THREE" S

Once is not enough,  even though it might really suck.  Twice...indicates a pattern!  Definitely a pattern!   No question!  This thing...this thing that really happening WAY too often! Now,  it's time to complain!

But for some reason,.... a reason I have not figured out yet,....most people simply cannot voice their complaint without  " the rule of three".  This has become a very interesting phenomena to me in the display of human behaviors. The complaint must be voiced as having happened " 3 "  times!  

Watch this,  and someone please tell me the psychology behind the reason "three" so magical a threshold when voicing a complaint......and somehow makes the complaint more legitimate!

Listen to someone bitch about someone,  or something,  ...and listen for the "3".   It is a small lie.   An ever so slight exaggeration. .... But it is an exaggeration that must be made to lend legitimacy to whatever it is they are complaining about.   Now,  whenever I hear   "This is the THIRD time this happened!  :(   "    .....I instantly know that the bitching bitcher is a lying liar...and ,  for me,  his complaint has a little LESS legitimacy.