Monday, December 2, 2013

Obama Cares

Who cares about your health?  Why, it's the guys on the corner of Happy and Healthy!  Walgreens!   They care, because they can profit....You are a patron  for the quality of their service and convenience...
Obama Cares!   Of course he does!   Government's prodigy thinks he has found the eternal profit of your vote,  and amorous benefit to his cause .   The Communist Democratic Party.
     Does he care about your health, or quality of life?  Most certainly,  so long as you become subservient to your government...and are hammered into the mold he has made for you. Like the devil himself ,   he will offer you feigned and empty promises of nothing....yet make it seem glorious...
Obama Cares.   But what does he actually care about?  Pompous and self-righteous,  his pride is at stake.  He will say whatever it takes to save it.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


   Oh....the days and years I have known this man. This man , who was once a boy and could never have imagined this day....
     As I gazed inside the mirror...a terrible fright sent chills through my bones and shrank my skin!  ....for the man there was someone I did not know.
     Staring back in a lifeless gaze was a body empty of spirit. if a soul hovering gently over it...was studied from outside of it.
     Who was this man?  That was known,   but not recognized at the moment. The body had separated from the spirit.....and that spirit watched from a close distance.
      A momentary separation of body and soul. Perhaps, their parting was unexpected and frighteningly foreign?  Or perhaps there was an obscure  recognition of each...and the astounding effect of realizing their individuality.
     Whatever the case,  I wish to keep my spirit aloft now and again,  watching as if times...seeing this man I have become.  We have been together for so long, yet rarely stop to recognize eachother.  My soul....removed from my body...saw lifelessness there.  My body...cold and frightened...empty and scared..
     For now , we work together in endless harmonious debate.  But we will separate once again when fear subsides..... for that moment...which instilled much fear and angst....we know we must experience again someday soon.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Womb

     He was comfortable here. And for now , he wished to stay. To be carried in a gurgling warm ball of womb and be held without touching....feel love without having to show love....sleep while keeping others awake.   Inside this womb,  there was no need for blankets when it got cold.   Food was provided daily.  And when it rained....he never got wet...So when it came time to leave, he would  have none of it!  The primaeval course that sought to eject him from his warm and wonderful home....rhythmic pulses that would in increasing intensity,  attempt to repel this foreign body....booting it out onto the sidewalk of life.
      Those primeval forces will ultimately win.  And though it is sometimes imagined that you will keep eternal your home here,  the cord you held tightly in your gums may slip away....and wrap itself around your neck,  cutting off your life sources....perhaps damaging some of the brain cells that prove your humanity.
     The cold air and brash sounds will make you writhe in miserable uneasiness. You will spend the rest of your life trying to rid yourself of this uneasiness.  What womb will you create for yourself next?  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Silent Revolution

A  Revolution has begun. Can this one be realized without squeezing a trigger,  firing a cannon,  releasing toxic gases or loosing viral pandemics?   Is it possible a revolution can won without sacrifice....that it can emerge and envelop existing paradigms born from the onset of civilization?  An upwelling of love and compassion built on a growing awareness and recognition that we are all brothers in humanity?
Greed will stifle any such revolution.  Utopia a concept left for Heaven.  Kingdom Come. Denial of evil's existence will only allow it to insidiously flourish. Endless sacrifice is necessary to keep it at bay.
      The silent revolution. Burgeoning effect of a population no longer stifled by ignorance or subdued by propaganda. Powerful forces will wage war to keep the status quo.  There will be a price to pay. But this revolution is underway...

Revolution is remedy for the resurgence of evil in an eternal battlefield for the human soul.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Unlawful Intent

The sickening pride of legislation.  From where does it emanate?  From a desire to have your name permanently etched in history?  Perhaps a need to achieve hero status, and save the world from themselves?  Year after year after 237 years of them federally...not to mention state, county, city, law and ordinances ....YOUR elected officials making things better for you by slowly eroding your freedom.  Is the list of things you "can't" do now greater than the "list" of things you "can"?
Because it is the law, does not necessarily make it right. The intent to curb and cage society for the common good well for a society of sheep. We are not sheep.
    ".Nothing so needs reforming as other peoples habits.
Fanatics will never learn that, ...though it be written in letters of gold
    across the sky!
It is the prohibition that makes anything precious. ".  - Mark Twain
    Human nature....tell them they can't and they will want to all the more.
    The nature of sheep leads them to eventual slaughter...

Friday, May 31, 2013

Call in Sick

     The weekend is finally here!   Freedom at last!  Two whole days unchained!  What'll it be?  Childhood revisited?   A two day endless summer?  Perhaps some imbibed relief from the life you have chosen?   Or has it chosen you?
     Chances are work at a place that is in direct conflict with your religion. And your politics.  Yet ...eyes downcast, carry on.  Wearily marching forward ,  or becoming what you know to order to buy back a coupla days of freedom.
     This is America!  You are free because someone told you it is so. Free to choose the entity to which you will sacrifice your soul .  Morality sacrificed in the name of productivity. Your body and mind a sold to gods and idols you have created for yourself.
      What pieces of your soul have you sacrificed today?   Freedom ?  Have you cannibalized the reality in order to hold on to the fantasy?
       "Liberty is being free from the things we don't like in order to be slaves of the things we do like."     (Ernest Benn)