Thursday, August 21, 2014

Can Fate be Tempted?

Fate.   Your journey there a tightrope on a tangled web.  Adrift in swirling currents that lead to only one destination.  Predetermined for you,  you may see it coming ! Perhaps you will attempt to steer your vessel in another direction when the shores of your fate finally come into fair view.  Or might you sail victoriously towards your destiny?
    Fate.  It's existence clear,  but it's whereabouts unknown..   Is it lurking in the fog ...waiting to sneak up behind you and grab you in the darkness?  Murky waters created by your panicked strokes to the opposite shore?   Dim-lit features obscured by your own cursed fantasies?  
   But there it is.  Once you have found it,  it's existence not so mysterious.  It had been there all along! 
    Fate exists, but it's place is not always fixed.  And it is not alone.   It can be tempted...once recognized, if your imagination allows for it.  We may run and hide in an attempt to avoid capture.  We can choose our destiny at times exercising free-will.  We can create fates that are God-forsaken,   or that are awe-inspiring.   We can lure fate to us,  or cautiously avoid it until we find another.  We can choose at times to accept it.  And at times it will choose for us.  We may choose to tempt it with the ultimate lure of our frail existence.  It has a mind of it's own,  and a personality .....that exists  and flourishes only with the aid of our own imagination.  Tempt it if you must.  It's response is your own creation. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams Suicide Note

none needed.   We are sorry for your pain.

Night falls
and no-one listens.
Why can't they hear the
screaming as
night falls?
Tell them to listen to the
night falling...
I blink my eyes and the
darkness stays with me, so I
squeeze them tightly and
imagine there is daylight.
Taking on the world
of a blind man to sheath
the reality of night...
No one hears the night falling.
But I have heard this sound
oh, most apalling
more often than the 'crack of dawn!
Why do they only hear the screaming
when they are asleep
and dreaming?
Tell them to listen
to the reality
of night falling...

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Humble Narcissist

This is new territory for me.  I am about to apologize.  This is not easy for me. But I know it's the right thing to do.   And I am always right.
I am sorry that I was born like this.  Superior. If I could wish it away...I would!  But dammit.....I was born better than most,  a burden I must bear for the better of my race.  Unable to be subjugated by my subjugates.  Their puny minds.  Miniscule and meaningless.    Cumbersome weight of their soul-less carcasses carried by me! 
I am about to apologize...because it's he right thing to do.   And I am always right.   I am sorry you were not born with the gifts I possess.  I have no empathy ... because I cannot ...and will not...comprehend your daftness.  I have shit on you because I am an ass in your view.   And that is what asses do. I am not without conscience you know.  I just have no need for one!  Wrong is something that I am incapable of doing.
I am about to apologize, and it's not even my fault!   Please accept my place here.  It is your place to shine my shoes,  and it is my place to scrape the gum off of them, I guess.   I am sorry for your contempt.  As I live the are probably daydreaming while staring into a mop bucket and an empty 'fridge.  It is not easy being me.   I am sorry you don't understand.
There!  I've done it! Apologized.   It was easier than I thought it would be. I knew I could do it!   I am ......The Humble Narcissist....