Monday, January 19, 2015

What to Love About a Lie

     It's easy to hold  liars in contemptful disdain.  The utter insult of their deceptions!  The slithering sickness of their sly manipulations.  Rape of trust.  Corrosion of faith in humanity.    Selfish motivations that can have you questioning every utterance.
 The mental chaos that ensues.
Who to trust and when.
Why the lie and to what end?
 Causing you to look elsewhere for facial expressions ....body movements...quirks and gestures...minor inconsistencies ...reading tea leaves of their phanteron,... attempting to understand the crazy, seemingly useless motivations  for it.  Secretly inspired  and personally justified. 
Why oh why!? ...when the truth is so easy!  Pray you say nothing!..., and not sully the precious innocent truth!

But then the masterful liar weaves a little truth into the lie ...hiding in the billow of smoke created when garbage thrown on the flames of truth smolder.
I hate the lie.  Sometimes hate the liar.  But was taught to hate the sin,... not the sinner.
Had to find some way to offer redemption.  Something to save it's author from the dismay and contempt it brings.  Let me tell you....there's not much!     But it starts with a cognizance.

 Born of a conscience unwed to truth...the lie is a bastard roaming barren plains in search of food for sustenance.  There is a subtle,..yet useful power that comes while watching....studying...the liar and manipulator when you know they are  lying. The tables are turned....and whatever  they hoped to glean from their hapless excursion....only reveals more of the truth!

This is what to love about a lie:
The revelatory  exposure of truth in it's discovery.  The artful architecture no longer a tangled web,  ...but crude and basic sticks and mud built into a hollow shell.  Sometimes, now ...I can almost the liar unwittingly keeps revealing more of the truth...