Friday, January 30, 2015

High End Skills

Your skill set. Steadily honed and molded throughout your years. A mind that has endured an evolution.  From a shapeless grey lump of clay working with bear claws and stone knives to a heaving breathing life form created by societies desires. High end skills...streaking across bright blue skies at high altitude while everyone else takes a pony ride. Capable of reaching your destination at speeds unknown to those below you. Finely tuned and are approaching genius in your field!
But when the engines start to sputter....when the wings are shot off your plane....when your co-pilot  wants his shot at the yoke,...and you find yourself nose-diving in a flaming fireball....your skill set becomes obsolete.

    But you brought your parachute,  and land softly and on dry land.  Your mind of clay left in the kiln has hardened. Your high-end skills more useless than those stone knives and bear-claws.
     You begin to realize that your survival depends on how well you can hit a hammer.