Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The State of the Onion

Once again, the state of the onion is bringing me to tears. No matter how I slice it.
 It is a "strong" onion!   Not a vidalia, but an obama  onion.  Inarguably rankerous.
 I would like to know just exactly who to thank for the state of this onion.  If it was a vidalia onion,  then the state of the onion would be Georgia, and I could probably thank Jimmy Carter. But since it is an obama  onion, I am not sure of what state to thank. Is Kenya a state?  I would like to find out the truth about this onion's state!
 Someone ....just tonight...was trying to give me their opinion on this onion's state.  But this is my onion,  and I think I will form my own opinion .  From here.., it stinks.!  But this guy is all he way up in Washington D.C...and he keeps telling me that my onion doesn't stink.
  Hey dude, I think I am a little closer to this onion than you are. I think it might be just a little bit difficult to truly understand the state of my onion from way up there.  I'm telling you....it really stinks. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Miracle of Death

Death is a miracle.  Though not often thought of in that way, it is as much a miracle as birth.  Most think of death as the end.....and birth as the beginning. Birth is spirit embodied, death ...spirit freed.   The spirit had been there all along.
Examine the MIRACLE.....of Death!    Marvel it's wonder.
It is something that you can't live without....


There are things that
          gently rave the placid plains
of Egypt
Never noticed
      They work.
        They wander
There are times and places
             steadily making their mold
  on us
Often rising
       Many things
               To ponder.
These things that gently rave the placid
                   plains of Egypt
These things that slowly mold
             our lives and our souls....