Monday, January 26, 2015

The Battle for Naivety

   Innocence  lost. Oh, how we should anguish in the day that the wicked curse of knowledge invaded our purity. If only we could recapture that special time. A soul unencumbered...smiling happily without the tumorous complication that erupted when the quest began.

The unquenchable thirst. The insatiable hunger.  Forced to shake hands with this evil and feel it's cold embrace. The unquestioning radiance of your innocent soul slowly dimmed by dark gray clouds. Your naivety bursting from the heavens trying to make it's way back home.
     The rest of your life will be your personal  battle for naivety. For a return to the innocence that was somehow gifted you through the light of your consciousness. It is a battle you MUST fight, and fight to win.  The alternative is all consuming relentless eternal hell.
     Learn to love your naivety. Revisit it whenever you can find it again.  It is a child lost in thickets of curs-ed knowledge, the pure radiance of his soul mired in the thorny briars.
      Knowledge obscures truth found only in the soul.