Saturday, January 17, 2015


What is the easiest way to avoid being approached?  Become unnapproachable!   This is a technique employed,  sometimes consciously...sometimes managers, teachers, and others who are often bombarded by the needs of the masses under their supervision.
 It involves making an interaction so unpleasant,  that their subordinates refrain from any interaction at all.  Sometimes the reason is that their workload has become so cumbersome, that they do not have time to deal with one-on-one situations,  and any concept of a mutuality of respect is thrown out the window.  Their jobs become easier, by being a total jerk to those who would look to them for support or advice.  With this learned behavior,  they no longer have to deal with the utter frivolity of human interaction in the workplace.  Their jobs have become so much easier with this simple detachment from human dignity.
And I have seen this turned around.   An employee ....or student....can make an interaction with their leadership so unpleasant...that the authoritive figure may hesitate to approach their subordinate with necessary information or advice.
This lack of mutual respect in the workplace or classroom, or in many other human interactions....has become an instinctive behavioral assimilation as  leadership becomes bent on productivity and chasing the numbers.  Skills that were once revered as vital for positive reinforcement leading to higher morale and thus increased productivity, are now seen as inefficient, cumbersome, overwhelming and unnecessary.   Are they? Is the best way from "a" to "b",   to slice through your humanity?  Or will this backfire in the long run?