Sunday, January 11, 2015


We are alone.  Created in His image,  and flawed, in His image. He has given up on us and started a new project in the outer limits of the galaxy. He came to us, and we killed Him. Crucified Him. Flesh of man pleading forgiveness from His own spirit. Forgive them...for they know not what they do.
Poor Jesus Christ.  Taking human form...and getting the real fix on His own creation.  Only to find us incapable of true faith.
God has left us.  Abandoned us.  Frustrated and broken,  He no longer holds a place for us in Heaven.  My God, My God....why have you forsaken me?
A pocket of marbles.  One left to roll into the gutter never to be found again. We are alone. An experiment in faith failed.  Love that never revealed itself.  A dim and withering ember slowly consumed by the vast darkness. The heavy breath of emptiness offers no life for flame.
God has abandoned us.  There is no longer a place for us at the table of the Lord. He has turned away in dismay  and left us abandoned.  Decided that we deserve to die.  That eternity was not meant for us. Not evil, but irrelevant. Not alive, but undead. Forgiveness is now unnecessary. Mistaken existence. Flaws that can only disrupt perfection. He is gone.