Sunday, January 4, 2015

Little Green Men

  Little green men. All too often the manufacturers of those salient thoughts of yours. Those wondrous new ideas....the impeccable inarguable logic...the vein and structure your mind has built through years of disseminating  right from wrong,  truth from unbearable falsities. Gathered from respectable ....venerable sources that your
instincts have taught you to revere.  And then allowed to permeate some hungry...some vulnerable ...braincells.  Through the mystical magical process of your own brain's center, cement together a seemingly genuinely original thought.  One that was yours, and yours alone ...pieced together and produced in proud and sanctimonious virginity.
      When humble, summon the sources of those salient and virgin thoughts and ideas.  Are they yours and yours alone?  Might they have been veered, captured, released , imagined, channelled, imprisoned, held hostage, absorbed gestated and  then repelled?  Has their absorption been impeded by training and indoctrination?  Which thoughts are yours....and which have been created by little green men?