Sunday, January 4, 2015

What doesn't kill you....

It is weakness..not strength..that lets  a heart harden.  Better to stifle the raging pain than feel it.  Is there strength in blunting what is your human emotion?  Have you evolved in yourself a callousness that you consider strength?
    The strength is in keeping your ability to muster emotion. To feel, love,...and to love again. It is in weakness that you build a fortress to keep the pain in these emotions at bay.  If there is any truth to be found in the cliche'..."what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" must find out exactly what it is that you have made strong.  Is it the new barriers to empathy , love , or emotion?  To the passions that make you human?  What has made you stronger,  just may have killed the human inside.
Keep strong,  and do not build these barriers.  Your humanity is your strength....

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