Monday, January 30, 2017


As summer sets her sun behind
   the earth, the wind ruffles
       the leaves of a tall oak tree
And she is gone.

And we wake in the morning to find
     the new.. although the same tree
       still stands tall and green.

A gasp of  wind
and summer's end blows through him.

And the grand old tree, in his
   majesty, fights the changing scene!

He catches the wind with his great
   limber arms and pushes it back!

Only to find it tiring and futile .

        Alas, his leaves wither and die
        and his arms turn brittle and bare.

And he waits for summer again..

Plains of Egypt

There are things that
     gently rave.. the placid plains
of Egypt
Never noticed
          They work.
           They wander.

There are times and places
              steadily making their mold
on us
Often rising
             Many things
                      to ponder..
These things that gently rave.. the placid
                      plains of Egypt
These thing that slowly mold
                    our lives and our souls..

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Treasures Held

Ah!   Living and loving in Daytona Beach!  So many wonderful opportunities to meet some very special people.  Though some are treasures lost,  they are treasures none-the-less!  Glimmering jewels once held in my grasp,  and then suddenly gone with the dawn of a new day...

We  walked the shores...
sorting the jewels and
keeping those that reflected
upon ourselves.

We spent our days...
holding hands and
embracing what little
time we had together.

And I found this...
a golden coin...playing
tag with the waves and
shimmering in the sunlight.

The few remaining grains of sand
slid from beneath our toes..
and fell to the bottom of the hourglass..
and we were forced to part,

Distance became our enemy,
daring us to forget
the magic or our bond
and rip the faith from our souls.

I lived my life...
wanting to cry for you
but trying still to build
on the world I was a part of.    ( S.R. Lee )

When I met you

When I met you, life became exciting!
Everything was new,..when I met you.
Places old to me seemed more inviting!
What was new to you,  was new to me too!

I really did believe in what I was doing
It had purpose, life and hope..and felt secure!
Our love was everything we'd EVER need.
This feeling would not heed the most obscure..
When I met you.

Now your gone,  and life has lost it's meaning
Everything is gray.,  without my love beside me
The ocean and waves that once
ROARED!  with laughter and passion
....are now monotonous waves of pain.

Finally now I'm done with asking "why".
And taking on those writhing tones of pain
They show me that I've rung that endless circle..
What begins on top,  on the bottom must end?

Once I loved life,  and I loved you.
Now there is nothing to fuel my fire, no love
to raise my soul above the pain.