Monday, November 9, 2015

Movie Review: "Wolf of Wall Street"

Movie Review: "Wolf of Wall Street"
Porn with a plot? Not much of one. Yes, I took my dear daughter and son to see this much anticipated flick. I was reminded of when I took them to see "Ted".....that laughable love-able teddy bear movie made for children of all ages. The scars fading, I was able to renew them in this movie about a "wolf".
The "stars" in this movie finally got to fulfill their lifelong fantasy. To star in a porn flick! And perhaps, artists who poignantly painted pictures of wealth and greed in the '90s stock trading market.
The original "Wolf of Wall Street" was a silent film , as I understand. This one could have been silent as well...., and you would have gotten the picture. Sex, drugs, money, greed, ..and then more sex.
Yes, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie! Should I lean over to cover my daughters eyes? Should I get up and leave, pretending I don't like sex? Should I send my son to the snack bar for another round of Nacho's? This movie would keep any caring parent on the edge of their seat! But then again, we have the internet. We don't have NetNanny. Maybe this will help with the whole "birds and the bees " thing. You know, without any loving subtlety....
See this flick! Then, see it again with the volume all the way down! Then I think you will truly get the picture.......