Monday, November 2, 2015

Introducing SUPERHERO "Lavender Luke "

           He's a 'different' kind of Superhero. Born without x-ray vision, unable to leap tall buildings in a single bound...aids societies ills with a bag filled with lavender teas, lavender epsom salts, and of course....two holsters of POSTUM! ......Lavender Luke                                  

  Lavender Luke

It's going to really hurt to ask....
What monstrous things might you unmask?
When you dare to strike the path
to  Lavender Luke..
And though his genes can't be his fault
He's found some lust in Epsom Salt
Which made his Lavender-less pores exalt!
Lavender Luke!
What kind of man would dare to bathe
and think his macho be unscathed
while drinking Postum made for gays?
That man is Lavender Luke!
And so the salty crystals soak
A Queersome man to many folk
...but it's worth the fun they'll poke..
Lavender Luke
With thanks to my sister Wanda,  for  helping me in some trying times, by sending me love in the form of lavender tea and lavender epsom salts!   Real men don't cry at movies or take bubble baths alone, ain't that right?  You are my favorite sister named Wanda. << ( thanks Will :)  )