Monday, November 9, 2015

Movie review: " RED DAWN"

Movie review: " RED DAWN"
Chubby child star Josh Peck sheds his baby fat to take on Russian sponsored North Korean's as they successfully invade the United States. Their goal? Well, nothing short of world domination, of course. Thankfully, Josh ( formerly Drake and Josh silly sitcom bumbling brother) is there and "Found a Way" to lead the revolt . 
Newt Gingrich warned us, and it finally happened. A high altitude nuclear burst disables modern society and allows the damn commies to rain angry North Koreans all over the U.S. of A. And they ain't happy. Kim Jong-un must a found out about the rat poison the CIA fed his pappy.....and is comin' for revenge!
This movie somehow made you feel good about a communist takeover. Follows typical Hollywood plot lines.....kills off black guys first, and most of the good guys are killed off's okay with us because they saved the hot blonde! Please, kill whoever you have to....but not the hot blonde chick!!. Sheeewsh! Had me goin' for a while there......but it's okay....everything's okay. She survives.
You must allow yourself to enter the fantasy on this one. Then, it's an okay flick. If Josh can lead the Revolt...then any one of us can...right?!