Saturday, November 21, 2015

Elrok Movie Review: 'Bridge of Spies"

52 year old single divorced bachelor Dad.  Not a personal ad,  though I am used to that kind of rejection.  But this.  THIS!  When did it come to THIS!   I  was snubbed when taking my dear daughter and friends to see "The Hunger Games".  The odd man out,  this anticipated but still painful type of rejection had me heading to the next theater in a somewhat somber sigh. Thus, this movie review for "Bridge of Spies".

Having said "no thanks, Tom Hanks" in the past,  seeing him here sent me into a slight cringe. The bosom buddy had me 'sleepless' last time out,  thinking about the wasted 50 bucks spent on a crappy movie and popcorn,  a subject of a previous review.

This  'spy' movie was better than the recent  "BOND"  flick,  but what exactly does that say. The latest BOND movie sucked. Did this one just suck less?

Not sure,  but I think Hanks may have forced a cameo of a piece in his  not so famous typewriter collection.  It was evident that this movie focused on the nostalgic memories of the time.  It was fun to see some of the old cars, clearly staged street setting and signage ,  crude cameras, and museum borrowed  'spy' equipment not so cleverly staged for you from the 1950's.

That was fun.

The rest made me kinda sick.

Most of the patrons 20 years my senior were singing this movie's praises...probably because it re-ignited the synapses in old memories whose fire had become an ash covered ember. Spies..lies....rooting for the bad guy...not knowing which is your country....hate your your enemy... fear and angst of nuclear holocaust...hate your enemy...America is a principled nation....America is a hypocritical nation....  Spielberg succeeded if it was his intent to make you hate the whole curs-ed game.

This movie actually had my mind searching for Beatles John Lennon song  "IMAGINE"....and attempting to pluck it's commie like lyrics to my minds forefront,  .... conjuring dreams of leaving all the bullcrap behind to go live in a small fishing village in South America.

Wasn't blown away...but if you are heading into your 70's and want a shot of nostalgia,  this might be a good one for the Tuesday matinee after feasting from the Denny's senior menu. And as for Tom Hanks....he's got a unique face.