Sunday, November 29, 2015

Elrok Movie Review : "The Night Before"

Irreverence? Blasphemy? Mockery?  Debauchery?  Not fully understanding the satanic impulses that coaxed me into this theater....I left conscience behind to embrace the perception of guilty pleasure this film might provide.  In our  contemporary American  society ,  Elvis and Jesus have left the building...though elusive sightings of them  occur from time to time.  When Silent Nights turn into a Blue Christmas,  memories of  Jesus or Elvis might be woefully retrieved for a time,  only to be shoved back into darkened crevasses  that will fill the void created by their absence.

Yes, this film gave what it promised,  and nothing more.  If it found something to ridicule,  it was not religion, or the Christ child.  The true meaning of Christmas shines through in this film,....a reminder of what it really means to the bulk of our modern society.  It's a time to party.

Ridiculous is  funny. Clowns are funny. This film was...funny!  The cock crowed at least three times. If cocks crowing are funny to you...then THIS is the film for you!  Jesus denied,  but at least acknowledged.  Redemption was not a pre-thought, an after-thought, or even a conceivable notion.

  It is probably a sin of some kind to enter the theater for this film. If you are the religious sort,  and still choose to go....'pre-emptive prayer'  might be in order:  "  Dear Jesus,  please forgive me for what I am about to do........"