Monday, November 9, 2015

Movie review: "Cloud Atlas"

 Movie review: "Cloud Atlas"
If this movie appealed to you, you either have your head in the "clouds", ....or your head up your atlas. Not enough OMG's or WTF's to cover 164 minutes of cinema seat butt wrenching torture. The seats could have been made from clouds, and butt still would-a hurt. (the kind of thing you don't notice when a movie is actually good) Thank goodness the nachos kept us occupied through the first 45 minutes. Tom Hanks, bosom buddy .... your affability kept us awake in "Sleepless in Seattle" , and romping on piano keys was "BIG" fun for a while, but you have been a "CASTAWAY" for me ever since your face appeared on a mystical choo-choo train. Every actor's narcissism takes them where you have landed, ...on a toxic dustCLOUD on the way to your endeavor to be an artist....instead of an entertainer. No wonder it rains so much in Seattle. Yes, yes...I get it....we are all ripples in the pond of life. Thank you for another Hollywood attempt to explain eternity. This movie touts it's ability to "masterfully weave" characters throughout eternity...and "masterfully heaves" a bucket of puked up chaos. Thank goodness Halle Berry still has some hotness. See this movie if you like to visit the snack bar, or enjoy hanging out in a dark theatre filled with groaning and rustling seats. Poor movie patrons were reduced to begging for a coupla good one-liners. No thanks, Tom Hanks.

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