Monday, November 9, 2015

Sunday Mornin' Pancakes

Fishing Report: Halifax River
For those using the right bait, Mudcats have been stacking up along the bottom... all over the Halifax. 
Cut yourself an extry long stringer, as I believe this one of the few fish left that you can not limit out on. And while you're
on the bottom, be sure to drag some baits at a slow pace. While spooking away the regulated flounder, some mighty hefty skates will move in and happily take your bait! They lay nice and flat,.. like a stack of delicious Sunday mornin' pancakes on the bottom of your boat.You will hardly notice them as your water line sinks 3 or 4 inches in the course of an afternoon.
 If midday action seems slow, make a strategic move near some pilings with some stink bait. Regulated sheepshead should shun this....leaving your bait wide open for the ever envied dogfish. Greatly underestimated for it's food value because it is so gosh darn ugly....there is a great piece of sweet white edible flesh just behind it's devilish green eyes and the poison glands near the pectoral fins. And give the poor booger something to bite on...while removing this tasty morsel.
Well that's it for November fishing report. Be sure to stay clear of anything that is regulated for a happier, more productive expedition. And don't forget the stink bait. Tight lines......! Elrok