Sunday, November 8, 2015

Elrok movie review: SKYFALL "Spectre" coming November 16

Spectre coming November 16 
"SKYFALL" review....
Wow! The first 15 minutes of this movie had me on the edge of my seat in suspense. I was thinking..."naked shadows.....naked shadows...where's the naked shadows?!?!". Finally, the naked silhouettes that stunned you at thirteen, re-appeared in contemporary but classic "Bond" fashion. the movie can begin! A thriller that pits man against "Matrix" as an aging "Bond" takes on a comic book type villain bent on revenge. Movie wants you form a sort of. .."bond" with "Bond", as a glimpse of his tortured childhood is revealed and he actually sheds a tear. Or was that sweat dripping off the edge of his nose in the end? You make the call! Yeah....go see it. When you gotta fight the urge to empty some of that half-gallon movie soda pop.....there's probably good reason. No liquids, caffeine, or other diuretics for 12 hours before movie. Sit in the back of the theater in case you really have to make the quick dash to keep bladder from exploding.