Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hypocritical Oaf

There he stands.  Right in  front of you,  as a grey garbled wisp of muffled mush is released from his lips. the long-wasted patience of your relationship with him ,...he has lost credibility with you. Now...his words... however emphatic,  are a low noisy hum.  They mean absolutely nothing !

The hypocrite!  There he goes again!  Touting his morality...Spewing his "holier than thou "... diatribal crap!  Every sinner he paints with a scarlet letter...he paints on himself !   Yet there he sits, he sloshes his beer to his lips and full-body scans another lady half his age.

If she looks at him....she is HOT!  If she snubs him,  she is a SLUT!   He calls another one "fat" he squirms in his barstool and jostles his beer-belly over his belt buckle. What a hypocrite!   What an oaf!    An obvious truth in your relationship  that can't be denied!

Maybe everyone has their moment...when after a hundred or so  obnoxiously opinionated  statements,  they stumble across one that is blunderingly beautiful! Or maybe there is a genius to this hypocritical character,  that I have somehow missed.

But suddenly, I accidentally tuned in and recalled a friendship that in ages past,  seemingly warranted my learned attention...he started making SENSE!  I stopped myself to wonder... " Have I descended  to the level of my  neanderthal friend?!  "   The PURE and unadulterated LOGIC of his typecasts and condescensions!  What IS this that I am hearing from this 'hypocritical oaf' turned modern day Socrates!?
 He is the pot, calling the kettle black!  And I began to realize a simple truth:    Sometimes,  obnoxious idiots hold within them a capacity for clarity and simple reality...unencumbered by tact, ethics, ..or even hypocrisy!

     "Just because it is the 'pot'  calling the kettle black....does not mean the 'pot' is wrong! "   -elrok