Monday, November 9, 2015

"LOOPER" movie review

"LOOPER" movie review: Gotta love Bruce Willis...( father and husband to Demi Moore, uncle and brother to Ashton). Always looks any time....he just might go apeshit on your ass! And in this movie...he doesn't disappoint! Murders toddlers to end his own personal "loop" of hell. Still blowing people away with shotguns in 2044. Still zapping eachother with tasers. Yet another "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. ". Once again, you don't know which bad guy to root for! Oh yeah...the one who wins! Kid called "Rainmaker" was not as scary as some of my nephews at that age. Telekinetically budding genius Macgyver can make tech savvy gadgets with his LEGGO set, pierce human flesh with sonic screams, levitate everything in a 10 mile radius.....but can't remember his mother's face. "LOOPER" was'nt a pooper.....thanks to casting. Needed less shotguns and more sci-fi. Fun enough to watch the first time, but not something to endure again and again and again and some un-ending loop of hell. Oh yeah...that was the movie! Won't be anxiously waiting for the DVD....