Monday, November 9, 2015

Movie Review: "Lone Survivor"

Movie Review: "Lone Survivor"
Ouch! Bring home the pain! This movie will be the most pain many of us have felt in regards to our country being at war. I truly heard sobbing at the end of this flick, and turned to see ...perhaps peacenicks turned prideful, ...perhaps patriots hearts an action packed movie about our war in Afghanistan churned up emotion in even the most skeptical hearts. Representative of the MANY unsung heroes that 'fend our freedom, praises were sung today.
Though the Hollywood version of events, I can't help think that reality was much, much worse. I hate war. Detest the very concept of sanctifying killing. But as I gently cast my rubber lure over the calm waters of the Halifax River this morning, I count myself lucky I guess....basking in warm the Florida sun, unscathed....
See this movie if you think you need a dose of reality. Leave about five minutes early to avoid bringing the reality home...

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