Sunday, August 16, 2015

Finding Freedom

     As you stoop to adjust your seat cushion, a tiny dime glistens...calling you to rescue it from it's obscurity there.  You reach between the cushions and pocket it. You aren't sure why. But seemingly unknown forces caused you to recognize value and attach worth. Brain synapses firing , breaking through murky grey obfuscation. Hurdling barriers or creating new paths to a place permanently etched in engrams, and finding home.
     Freedom is a place carved into the soul.  Lost in the illusion of comfort and security, smothered by fear and trampled by forces of oppression, we may leave it for a while as illicit embers burn underneath the layers  we have allowed to cover it.
      Remember that your legacy as an American is born of freedom. Daring and tenacious enough to fan the flames around the heated gases within our human soul.  We will discover it as it catches our eye again and travels along the permanent pathway from synapse to soul.  Something in our nature will cause us to rescue it from it's obscurity and attach value. Something in our memory will take us back to a time when freedom was our most precious American treasure..
      "Until the next Revolution......".....elrok