Sunday, August 16, 2015


 ......this officer was eventually fired, ONLY because this was caught on film. Imagine what kinds of things happen that are not caught on film. Unfortunately, teenage skateboarders whose vocabulary is limited to the word "dude", will be left to run amuck in city streets now, until the officer can be replaced. Friggin' skateboarder see, " Eric", ( 14 year old white skater boy heathen) and his buds will be forever changed by this incident. Perhaps, they will forever live in fear, or have an underlying and seething contempt for police officers. Contempt that unaddressed in already rebellious teenage years, might lead to a giant fuck you. Now, if this officer is representative of just 1% of the force in Baltimore...then there are about 30 of these officers on the force who are about to stroke out about a city ordinance that MAY have been violated by a skateboarder. Damn punk kids! hey, I am not prejudice about skater dudes...I'm just sayin'  Now, I wonder how many black kids have been "mistreated" by those 30 officers, who might not have prejudices against skateboarders only, but against black kids as well. Maybe that prejudice was brought with them before they were hired....or maybe it was developed by their experiences in law enforcement . All black kids are drug dealing belligerent punks and hoodlums, we all know THAT right? Thirty ( and this is probably very conservative) officers endowed with such authority, granted public trust that was not necessarily earned, armed with attitude and weaponry....can create a lot of contempt in a city.....maybe even some hatred. Have you ever had a person who held a position of authority over you, abuse you? Sucks, doesn't it? What if they were allowed, by virtue of their authority, to abuse other members of your family? Maybe your daughter, or your son, your black wife, your cousin. .... You might just take it to the street.