Sunday, August 16, 2015

Perception' s Deception

  Have you ever "said it without sayin' it"?    Through a smirk...or a smile...or a roll of the eyes,  conveyed a thought that didn't require words. We all have. Gestures that are common or well known,  ....or those that are recognized only by those most intimate to you.  Even when you speak,  there is a response to speech patterns and body movements that convey and inject things you never said.  You may even become someone you never the fantasy of someone elses perception.
     You have lived your whole life, and are still a mystery to yourself. Yet there are those audacious enough to think they know you in a matter of minutes.   Do they?
     Statistics, ...demographics....behavioral influences...formative paths created in your youth.  A bad father....a broken home...socio-ecomomic scales?  DNA...genetics...that decide who you will be and whether you fit the norm.  Drugs that homogenize humanity and attempt to curb the "disorder" that is your ....personality.  
       Parts of a gigantic human puzzle.....where the pieces are not cut from a jigsaw,...but are the ebb and flow of chemicals that ignite the spark-readied receptors and set free hormones that make us feel life.
       Avoid the potential deception of perception.  Remember that you can never hold the squirmy chameleon that is one's own mind. It is ever changing.  It is eerily and wonderfully unique.