Thursday, August 13, 2015

Earth to Dr. Carson...! Earth to Dr. Carson...? Dr. Carson.....are you there?!?!

Dr. Carson ....what planet have you landed on?    "Brains"  planet?  Self-touting may be necessary in a political campaign,  but while traveling above us in your spaceship...please take a few moments to gaze the bigger picture. I believe with luck, innovation, and may one day actually find planet "Brains"!   This will require something a degree cannot give you.   .....Empathy!  for your fellow citizen.  Cognizance!...of a goverment running amuck.
"If you have an unpleasant experience with a plumber, do you go out and declare a war on all plumbers? Or teachers or doctors? Of course not. And it makes no sense to do that with police either.” .................. (Dr. Carson quote)    
 As a master,.... ( or even Doctor!!! ;))  of vague analogies,  I recognized this was a good one!.  It is important to assume the opposite sometimes, in order to truly and fully understand the circumstance . So, time to play the devil's least in your view, Dr. Carson!                                                 Consider this:     Could it be, perhaps, that a "war" has been declared on the general citizenry? That young men's ...( and esp. young black mens')... life potential has been taken away and their access to the benefits of society snuffed....for non-violent drug offenses and trumped up charges? Could it be that the cycle of legislation-to-enforcement -to-the judiciary-to-the prison ever growing, consuming, and self-perpetuating? Don't mess with the man, or talk back, or display emotion, or defend yourself, or look at him funny...or you just might see your jay-walking ticket turn into fifteen separate offenses. "We need you to know who is in charge, boy.!."Check your jails. Run some numbers. See 'what',.. then ask "why'?". Could it be...perhaps...that the system you trumpet as your champion, is feeding these poor souls to the lions as you sit in your colosseum's stands jeering with  your thumbs pointed decidedly downward!                                                                       And then, as for another masterfully vague analogy: Do you think that maybe several hundred thousand innocents were slaughtered as "war" was declared on police states in Iraq and Afghanistan? Did those poor, powerless, and innocent souls somehow manage to stay in your periphery as you waved your banner of righteousness and condemned them as evil fools , allowing such a state to exist? Will you think the same of us, if we allow a police state to flourish as we wallow in increasingly clouded dreams of American Freedom?
....plumbers, teachers, and doctors..... are not armed in military fashion, nor are they given license to kill. It is true that there are many good police officers. It is also true that many of them have assimilated to a culture a of  'brotherhood protectionism'  when citizen's rights are violated.  And many of them suffer from a wide range of psychological problems brought on by the pure nature of their "jobs".  One must contemplate why. ...Yes why, would someone want such a job in the first place? Perhaps desiring to attain such a job has honorable intent. Perhaps aspiring to attain such work, is brought on by some degree of inadequacy overcompensated for in this line of "work". More outside psychological evaluations need to be done, and re-done on the people endowed with such great power, authority, and weaponry.                   Contemporary  trends in governments and legislation have been toward dis-arming the citizenry (gun control laws)..... while arming police forces to the TEETH.                                                                                                                                  What rationale can possibly justify  flagrant disregard for human rights, of which only very FEW have been exposed by the relatively recent access to instant video footage. Just imagine what has NOT been caught on video!  It is enough to make any real American shudder!  These officers, and their close-knitted brotherhoods across the nation, are NOT judge and jury in the field. These citizens are innocent, until a court of LAW determines otherwise .Police officers are NOT a court of law. We have a Judge and Jury for that. ! And what is the justification for such intimidation.....? Why, to subdue and subjugate the American public, of course. Tasers? Sorry...100,000 volts or more! injected into another human is an act of CRUELTY! And this type of "cruel and unusual" punishment inflicted too many times, and too many times whimsically.....AND IN MANY OTHER FORMS as well. This is what happens, when you CHOOSE security OVER FREEDOM!  Through FEAR,  is a willingness to accept many atrocities perpetrated by your government, and to keep your eyes downcast as your brother's human rights are violated in the name of public safety. Until it affects YOU, of course. Through incrementalism and have already lost what so many in our military have fought for you too keep. Too many of you pundits wave the banner of freedom, while simultaneously snuffing the flame of freedom. And as for the poor souls whose lives we have sacrificed in our name and in the name of freedom.... they have died for nothing, if this trend continues......