Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Forgiving Mirror

I am much better looking downstairs.  The bathroom down there has no natural lighting,  and that...combined with God's grace of my failing eyesight,  softens the lines and blemish of age that has become me. I am 20 years younger down there....when gazing into that mirror downstairs.   The forgiving mirror.
     Eventually, though,  ....I must leave the house after that last reassuring glance.  With the proper distractions,  I can carry that image to the end of the day.
      There are times when I must look at myself without the aid of a mirrors reflection.  When  what I must look at who I am inside.  And I find that in order to make it through the day....I still must use a forgiving mirror.....attempting to rationalize those things inside that are old and ugly,  scarred and blemished.  Permanent parts of who I have become through years of silent sin and stifled conscience.....of wounded love and hopeless romanticism....of dreams unrealized .
      Reality  is harsh ....but sometimes I find it important to use the bathroom upstairs...