Sunday, August 16, 2015

Walk The Line

    Faith.  Does it open your eyes?  Or does it blind you?   As you finally take a step from the clutches of hope...will you sink into the abyss of hopelessness?  Or will you embrace the light of faith?  Hope and faith can be dangerous illusions. Your fall from hope can lead to despair. Wallowing in hope can lull you into corroding complacency.  Blind faith can have you flying airplanes into crowded buildings,   accepting creepy sexual crimes from your  religious leaders, or exchanging your Bible  for the U.S. Constitution.
     You must walk the line between hope and hopelessness, faith and blind faith. There will be no easy answer. Every living step must be weighed, as arrows pierce you from above, or the cold hands reach from the hollows of your floor.
     Freedom requires this cursed responsibility.   These are the scales of liberty.