Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sip Your Marguerita!

Sweet America!
......sometimes I think every American needs an ISIS asshole in their backyard..    planting tulips, or sweeping a roadside storm drain. Smiling and winking at you with insidious anti-American evil thoughts coursing through his brain..... as you drive by him on your way to the beach.

 Sending your sons and daughters to fight unknown forces ...for unknown causes.... in unknown lands...while you lie on the beach and thank them while  sipping  your marguerita......just somehow ain't cuttin' it!

My God! The mamby-pamby bullshit things we squabble about with such vehemency!  It is a sure sign that we are TOO FAR REMOVED from the REAL fight!

Keep sippin' that marguerita and living your inebriated dream of freedom while waving your favorite colorful banner and trying to take the other guy's down. In the meantime, there's a REAL fight going down.....

Maybe if it was closer to home, you would be reminded of how much the crap you have been squabbling about is frivolous bullshit!